Westworld trolls Reddit with spoiler video

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Although a video claimed to be “full of spoilers” it instead featured a specifically filmed song

Westworld’s creators have fooled fans of a TV uncover and most of a media with an offer to exhibit spoilers about a subsequent deteriorate forward of broadcast.

Two show-runners took partial in a QA on discussion site Reddit in that they pronounced they would tell a video laying out a tract of a second array if adequate people voted in favour.

They pronounced they believed a pierce would assistance strengthen a programme’s secrets.

But a video was indeed a travesty featuring a scandalous song.

After about 90 seconds of footage, a android Dolores – played by a singer Evan Rachel Wood – launches a retro-themed chronicle of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up.

The 1980s strike facilities in an internet meme called Rickrolling, in that a strange video for a strain routinely creates an astonishing appearance.

The rest of a 25-minute video switches to black and white and shows a dog sitting in front of a piano while a Westworld thesis balance plays on repeat.

Several news sites, including Time, Vanity Fair, Quartz and Cnet were fooled by a antic before a punchline was revealed.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy – a dual executive producers concerned – had sole a wisecrack by referencing another HBO series, Game of Thrones.

In that case, readers of a novels had helped ensure opposite others divulgence a anticipation show’s twists online before a applicable episodes had been transmitted.

“It’s a new age, and a new universe in terms of a attribute between a folks creation shows and a village examination them,” wrote Mr Nolan and Ms Joy.

“And trust is a large partial of that. We’ve finished a expel partial of this decision, and they’re entirely supportive.”

Several of Reddit’s users had voiced misgivings about a suspicion before it was suggested to be a spoof, though appreciated a bid afterwards.

“You wily dog,” wrote one member.

The broadside attempt should maybe not have come as a surprise.

Last month, a dual executives told an assembly during a SXSW festival in Texas that they were operative on a “controversial plan” to correlate with their community, adding that they favourite to disaster with Reddit “as most as possible”.

One consultant pronounced that while some viewers competence have suspicion they wanted to see a genuine spoiler video, they would substantially have been “gutted” to have finished so.

“Westworld is a uncover that thrives on twists, turns and totally unexpected, bonkers events,” commented Terri White, editor-in-chief of Pilot TV magazine.

“If those aren’t hold until broadcast, that would positively strike observation figures.

“Take divided a elements of warn and we sack a show’s creators of a possibility to do a correct storytelling pursuit and a assembly of a knowledge of anticipating out as they were dictated to.”