Wendy Williams Says Terry Crews Isn’t ‘Brave’ For Going Public With The Alleged Sexual Assault — Find Out Why!

Wendy Williams talks a purported assault.

Wendy Williams says she’s endangered for Terry Crews‘ career after he publicly outed WME representative Adam Venit as his purported assailant.

In an part of The Wendy Williams Show, a daytime TV horde commented on his Good Morning America speak where he minute being groped during a party.

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While a former radio celebrity told her assembly she’s blissful a Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor spoke up, she doesn’t trust it was “brave”:

“I was asked in my assembly this morning, do we consider it was dauntless of him to come out. we said, ‘No, it’s not brave, he’s only talking. But it might have a unequivocally disastrous impact on his career. Do we know what we mean? Being all black, and being all chatty. And this guy, a representative — he named names. Terry is going in. It will, in my opinion, impact his career.”

And she continued:

“He hasn’t been dismissed — he’s on leave. You know what we consider that this representative has? we hatred to speak color, though I’ve been here for 9 years. You know we speak tone here, and we don’t meant anything by it though enlightenment. I’m blissful that Terry came brazen to display [him]. Unfortunately, we feel that in a competition fight that’s going on in this nation still — we don’t wish to acknowledge it — though Terry will suffer. But good for you, Terry. And contrition on you, bald man.”

The 53-year-old seems to be promulgation out a churned message.

But what do we think??

Do we determine with Wendy? Watch her comments (below):

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