Well That Was Weird AF!

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James Woods is gonna let we finish, though initial he’s gonna take off your shoe.

The conservative actor crashed a theatre during a Writer’s Guild of America Awards on Sunday during Patton Oswalt‘s opening digression — only to make fun of his endowment uncover attire!

The humorous impulse occurred after Oswalt done requisite digs during Donald Trump, observant he was wavering to poke fun during a boss since he “didn’t wish to be kicked to genocide by James Woods backstage.”

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The 69-year-old, who so happened to be sitting RIGHT by a podium, responded by climbing on theatre and holding off a comedian’s black shoe to uncover a assembly how improperly dressed he was for hosting a show!

Both actors got a good giggle from a soleful bit, that Oswalt after reliable on Twitter was not designed whatsoever:

Not to side with Woods, though we could’ve put on some dress shoes, Patton…

Ch-ch-check out a digression (below) and skip to a 3:57 symbol for a humorous moment!

[Image around WGA/YouTube.]

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