Well, It Looks Like The Rock Is Seriously Running For President In 2020!

That Donald Trump WWE Smackdown GIF is about to get VERY real!

Many extraordinary realizations were schooled from a latest presidential election, a biggest being a strenuous energy of celebrity.

Well, it looks like a same energy that got Trump inaugurated will ultimately be used to better him — since a many revered, badass, alpha luminary in a diversion is clearly being neat for a domestic takeover: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Video: Johnson Shares Trailer For Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle!

We shit we not! After months of joking about a presidential run, a debate cabinet has rigourously filed to breeze a Baywatch star for president.

On Sunday, “Run a Rock 2020,” a name of a central organization, was filed on interest of Johnson with a Federal Election Commission.

The docs were filed by a male named Kenton Tilford underneath a West Virginia address, yet Tilford’s organisation to the former wrestler is not clear.

Johnson has prolonged joked about a White House run in a past months, even announcing his bid on a Saturday Night Live culmination (with Vice President Tom Hanks on a ticket, no less.) But a domestic bit turned into a “real possibility” after polls suggested a movement star would flog Trump’s donkey in a 2020 election!

The Rock has pronounced he is purebred as an Independent. In 2000, he spoke during a Republican National Convention AND attended a Democratic National Convention.

Clearly, 0 is sacred anymore in politics. Still, we’ll take a inactive adonis with 0 domestic knowledge over a schlubby slimeball now in bureau any day!

[Image around NBC/Twitter.]

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