We will boost a volume of hockey on TV by 10 times: Jason McCracken

Jason McCracken, CEO, International Hockey Federation, International Hockey Federation CEO, jason mcCracken interview, hockey, hockey news, sports news, tanned demonstrate news McCracken during a HIL 2017 semi-final in Chandigarh on Saturday. (Source: Kamleshwar Singh)

With knowledge of some-more than dual decades as a hockey umpire, arbitrate and technical official, New Zealand’s Jason McCracken took over a assign of a Chief Executive Officer of a International Hockey Federation (FIH) progressing this month. McCracken, who has also officiated in a World Cup and Olympics and was a technical executive in Rio Olympics for masculine hockey, is in Chandigarh for a FIH Hockey Stars Awards and a Hockey India League finals. The New Zealand hockey central spoke with Chandigarh Newsline about FIH skeleton for hockey, new home and divided joining concept, and a significance of Indian hockey.

Coming as a CEO after spending some-more than dual decades in hockey umpiring and tournaments, how do we see this proviso and FIH skeleton for a new home and divided League?

I consider that was a really successful hockey proviso for us though we contingency contend that we are going to do some new, sparkling things. In 2019, we are going to deliver a new home and divided hockey joining and we are going to boost a volume of hockey on radio by 10 times. The new format will be a joining all around a world. The tip eight-nine teams will play one compare in their nation and afterwards play one compare divided opposite a same nation and it will occur for 2-3 months during a start of a year. We will be carrying hockey for a most longer duration. We already have 18 teams in a second theatre of preference and a final teams will be announced in Jun after this year.

Will a new joining have a same stakes as a universe joining and other continental championships, and will it be a criteria for spots in a Olympics too?

The tip 4 teams will play a final of a new league. We were dynamic to have tip players play in a divided countries too, and this also gives a possibility for a teams to demeanour brazen to personification opposite a tip teams each year for a generation of 2-3 months. This will also form a partial of a gift routine for a Olympics spots. The continental winners will get a entrance to a Olympics, and this joining will also have one or dual spots for a qualification. we was also unhappy when South Africa was denied a event to be during Rio, notwithstanding being a African continental champions. We will also speak with Hockey India about changeable HIL by some days as we wish a home and divided joining to occur during a start of a year.

While Rio Olympics had a record viewership for hockey events, how is FIH meditative brazen as partial of a ten-year expansion plan and how do we see a entrance proviso compartment a subsequent Olympics?

We are perplexing to grow a game. We are perplexing to boost a volume of bearing that hockey gets. we theory in India, hockey gets good bearing though that’s not a box in other countries. Importantly, it is about youngsters saying large stars. We are peaceful to try things to get some-more exposure. The Champions Trophy had a story and we was also a partial of a final book of a Champions trophy. But that was not in a ten-year hockey series plan that we motionless earlier. But afterwards we now have tournaments like Hockey World joining has seen hockey events being hold in South Asia. India, too, binds an critical partial in hockey’s story and will also continue to be an critical partial in a future. The Indian hockey group has been behaving good during a universe theatre and HIL is also compelling a game.

FIH also done changes in manners during a general turn during a final one decade. Do we see some-more order changes in a future, too?

The manners were altered to make a diversion faster and some-more sparkling and to measure some-more goals. Those were a things that we attempted to do. we consider historically a diversion was some-more about stop and start. So we introduced things like a self pass, a beyond pass and things like personification a round in a atmosphere to make a diversion more. And we saw some-more goals being scored. If we demeanour during a hockey league, we are removing scores like 5-0 or 5-2. Traditionally, hockey games were saying some-more scores of 1-0 or 2-1. Rules were altered and it was partial of a expansion that FIH wanted to do. We are not going to change manners more. We are saying some-more goals. we consider we are perplexing to change a exposure. At a moment, if we are a hockey fan we adore it. What we are perplexing to do it to make it go and watch it each day. The change to Blue in London was good for a diversion and people blending to a change.

Teams like Argentina and Belgium reached a final in Rio and a diversion had a new Olympics champion. How do we see a growth for a game?

I consider it is interesting. we was a contest executive in Rio. What we beheld was some of a tip teams apropos some-more jaunty and physically really good. Fitness is apropos one of a categorical things in complicated hockey. Because hockey is apropos some-more perfectionist and needs some-more fitness. So my regard was that a tip dual fittest teams were in a final during Rio. Argentina played really assertive hockey. In a aged days, contend 5 or 10 years ago when a Europeans dominated, teams like Germany or Netherlands they played some-more of normal and holding a ball. These days teams are personification aggressive hockey and perplexing to measure goals and take a round forward.