Watch This Uma Thurman Clip And You’ll Understand How Seriously Women In Hollywood Are Taking All These Sexual Assault Scandals

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As we continue to news a attack of passionate attack and passionate nuisance news any singular day, and we continue to review a dozens — now hundreds — of stories that keep popping adult (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, James Toback, Steven Seagal, and on, and on, and on), it’s easy to get dull to it.

All a accusations, and all a terrible function when told in such firmly packaged days one after a subsequent roughly lessens a earnest of it all in a way, as if we can package it all adult in one small dilemma of a universe and tell yourself, “there are some shitty group in Hollywood.”

And while that’s true, and there are some profoundly shitty group in Hollywood, that is distant from reaching a loyal bulk of these stories as they continue to come out.

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So maybe this will help.

At an eventuality for her new work The Parisian Woman this weekend, Uma Thurman was asked by reporters about her take on all a passionate nuisance and passionate attack scandals that have popped adult a final few weeks.

And what she gives, instead of a sound bite, is a discerning demeanour into only how profoundly indignant women in this attention are about a ashamed and shitty ways they’ve been treated for decades now.

Watch this, greatfully (below):


Seriously powerful.

And hopefully a good sign to us all: even as these allegations and stories might come out by a handful, or dozen, it’s vicious we don’t get dull to any particular one in hunt of a bigger picture.

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Women (and men!) are a real-life victims here, and that should make us all as indignant as Uma Thurman in that video.

Food for thought.

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