Watch The HIGHlarious Way Beauty & The Beast Should Have Really Ended!

Watch this Beauty and a Beast swap ending!

Alternate endings are always a riot!

Especially when it comes to charcterised romances with a masculine adore seductiveness who has unequivocally unequivocally controversial motives. Beauty and a Beast fits a check exactly!

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Sure, we all adore a classical film and story of a Beast’s redemption, though when we unequivocally consider about it, a attribute between Belle and whatever a prince’s tangible name is, is unequivocally problematic.

Anyway, a folks over during How It Should Have Ended acknowledge this and more. They’ve put together a brief shave of how a film should’ve unequivocally concluded, if all in a story followed some arrange of linear logic.

Watch and giggle (below)!

P.S. Watch all a approach by for a waggish take on Be Our Guest!

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