WATCH: Pregnant Kylie Jenner Covers Up Bump with a Sweater to Play Revealing Game of Never Have we Ever

Kylie Jenner is dishing sum about her personal life during a divulgence diversion of Never Have we Ever with best crony Jordyn Woods and assistant Victoria Villarroel.

The profound Keeping Up with a Kardashians existence star, who is expecting her initial child – a lady – with rapper beloved Travis Scott, took a sip of her drink, for a sum of 13 times, when she confessed to a truth.

Usually a diversion is played with ethanol though a star and her pals sipped on tea to confess to doing something.

Among a many times she drank, Jenner, 20, certified to fibbing to a partner, brushing her teeth with someone else’s toothbrush and re-gifting a gift. But many interestingly, a Kylie Cosmetics businessman suggested she’s spent income during a frame club, fooled around in a lavatory and doing a travel of shame.

“Never have ladies,” she said, before Woods reminded her: “I’ve seen we do a travel of contrition so don’t act like you’ve never finished a travel of shame.”

Meanwhile, things she has nonetheless to do enclosed cheating, dating some-more than one chairman and sneaking a child into her parents’ house.

While a mother-to-be used to request her each pierce for fans on Snapchat, flooding a Instagram feeds with bikini and lingerie shots, Jenner has remained completely under a radar lately — frequency rising in open and regulating her amicable media platforms mostly to promote her brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

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In addition, since her pregnancy was reliable scarcely dual months ago in September, a star has usually common delicately cropped close-ups of her face and bundled adult ensembles.

“She wants to exhibit things on her possess terms though she’s, of course, carrying fun teasing everyone,” a source formerly told PEOPLE. “She knows all a courtesy is on her and her baby bump, though she won’t share until she wants to. Her physique is changing and she’s really mortified about it.”