WATCH: Macaulay Culkin Is Still Pretty Burnt About Being Left ‘Home Alone’

Here’s Macaulay Culkin with a Ryan Gosling T-Shirt of Macaulay Culkin


Kevin McCallister, Macaulay Culkin’s sense from a holiday classic Home Alone, makes a box for latchkey kids 15 years after being left in singular constraint by his kin for a week in a web array :DRYVRS. He has PTSD from warding off “two psychopath home invaders” as “the cutest f*cking 8-year-old in a universe” and has grown a chain smoking dress as a proceed result. He’s as crippled as a hoop hanger that he uses to burn a bandit holding his vehicle during gunpoint, and many importantly, he’s definitely not finished pulling his signature pranks.


Watch a concerning expansion in the Home Alone array in a video during a tip of a page.

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