Watch Donald Trump’s Policy Adviser Stephen Miller Get Demolished Live On National TV

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Y’all remember Stephen Miller, comparison process confidant to totally fast talent man Donald Trump? We’ve lonesome Miller a bit around here a final year.

First, it was when he weirdly went on inhabitant TV and blatantly lied his donkey off about voter fraud. Then, he got called out by mixed late night hosts for his not-so-truthful approach of doing business in a White House.

And later, he done the many absurd comments about a Statue of Liberty that we’ve heard, well, ever.

Well theory what? He’s baaaaaa-aaaaaaaack!!!

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Miller went on CNN‘s State of a Union currently for an talk with horde Jake Tapper, and when Miller started to do his common dance — fibbing and obfuscating (great word, demeanour it up) — Tapper motionless he wasn’t going to take any of that shit.

When Tapper went tough after Miller to plead either or not Trump indeed is a fast genius, a comparison process confidant danced and danced… and it led to this implausible small impulse of live radio this morning on CNN (below):

What a guy, that Stephen Miller. Always so… likable.


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Of course, one large orange Cheeto was examination currently — since all this male ever does is watch wire television:

What, did we consider Trump was during home reading a book or something?!

Dream on!

[Image around ABC.]

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