Watch Cardi B Burst Into Tears When Daughter Kulture Say ‘Mama’ for a First Time

Cardi B is a mom initial and foremost.

The 26-year-old rapper finished story on Sunday with her Best Rap Album GRAMMY win for Invasion of Privacy — apropos a initial solo womanlike swat artist to win a difficulty — though she seemed to get even some-more romantic in a video she common on Instagram after her large win of her daughter, Kulture, observant “mama” for a initial time.

In a video, Kulture adorably says “mama” when stirred and Cardi can frequency control herself.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” she says, covering her mouth and ripping into tears.

Cardi explained that 7-month-old Kulture has already been observant “papa”  — that presumably has finished her father, rapper Offset, vivacious — though had nonetheless to contend “mama.”

“After a week of usually observant papa! She observant mama!” Cardi excitedly wrote. “Happy 7 months, Kulture! We adore we @offsetyrn @hennessycarolina @melo9.11.”

During her acceptance debate on Sunday, Cardi thanked Kulture. 

“I wish to appreciate my daughter,” she said. “When we found out that we was pregnant, my manuscript was not complete. we had like 3 songs. … We was like, ‘We have to get this manuscript finished so we can fire these videos before we am showing.’ It was really prolonged nights.”

She also brought Offset onstage. Despite announcing their separate final December, a dual now seem to be on good terms.

“You, husband, appreciate you,” Cardi said. “Nah, serious, since he was like, ‘You gonna do this album, girl. We gonna have this baby. We gonna make this album.'”

Offset recently common footage with fans on Instagram of Cardi giving birth. The footage will be partial of an arriving documentary about a Migos rapper that’s set to be released, along with his new album, on Feb. 22.

Meanwhile, Cardi recently non-stop adult about pang from postpartum basin after giving birth to Kulture, as good as about her preference to leave Offset. Watch a video next for more: