Warner Bros TV Sued For Age Discrimination By Veteran ‘Big Bang Theory’ Crew Member

Turns out it’s not all fun, Star Wars games and a Hadron Collider on a blockbuster CBS comedy. A longtime and now-fired 2nd AD on The Big Bang Theory is going after writer Warner Bros Television for kicking him to a quell for hitting a Big Five-O. While not fixing any specific financial damages, Christopher Klausen wants a jury to hear his age-based wrongful-termination case, that also lists dozens of unnamed individuals as defendants.

“Mr. Klausen was not prepared for a age discrimination, unbroken demotions, and stop that he Warner Bros TVwould face during a hands of Defendants,” says the 25-page censure filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court (read it here), Klausen — a DGA member given 1985 who had been with a array given a commencement — says things began to go south during Season 6 in 2012. He claims that “despite his grave title, Mr. Klausen did not continue behaving a pursuit duties of a Second Assistant Director. This was since Mr. Klausen had recently incited 50 years aged and Warner Bros. wanted to interpose younger blood into a directorial team.”

The fit adds: “As a Second Assistant Director, a vital aspect of Mr. Klausen’s pursuit duties concerned interacting and operative with a actors on a daily basis. This enclosed portion as a relationship to a actors, creation certain a actors are prepared for any scene, and putting a actors by habit and makeup. Mr. Klausen beheld that a stars of a show, that are all extremely younger, began to expel him after he incited 50.”

He says his duties were incited over to a span of much-younger staffers and that he eventually was dismissed over a phone after prolongation wrapped on Season 9 in April. WBTV had no criticism on a fit when contacted by Deadline.

The lawsuit follows a integrate of identical cases final year in that Disney and then NBCUniversal were strike with authorised movement over purported age disposition within about dual months.

Attorneys Michael Bononi and Jarryd Cooper of Bononi Law Group of Los Angeles are representing Klausen in a case.