‘Walking Dead': Is Enid a Remixed Version of Sophia?

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead comic book series.]

Who is Enid (Katelyn Nacon)? That is maybe one of a biggest unanswered questions from a initial half of AMC’s The Walking Dead sixth season.

While many diehards trust a teen is a member of a Wolves — a killers who savaged their proceed by a village and who any have a bloody W forged into their foreheads — THR has another theory: She’s a remixed chronicle of Carol’s daughter, Sophia.

As fans of a AMC zombie play will recall, Madison Lintz’s Sophia was killed during a deteriorate dual midseason culmination in an partial combined by stream Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple. The lady went blank during a start of deteriorate two, with a group’s hunt for her holding adult a ton of genuine estate before she was suggested to have been incited into a hiker and hold inside Hershel’s stable before Rick had to shockingly put her down.

The events of that partial noted a vital depart from Robert Kirkman’s comic book array in that Sophia is still unequivocally most alive. Following Carol’s self-murder in a comic array on that a AMC play is based, Sophia winds adult being taken in and lifted by Glenn and Maggie — and has restricted memories of her mother. In a stream comics arc, Sophia becomes a force to be reckoned with and a tighten playmate to Carl.

On a AMC series, Enid forms a tie with Carl (Chandler Riggs) — that sets off her Alexandria beloved Ron (Austin Abrams) and fuels a strife with Rick’s son — before bailing from a village and revelation Carl to “Just Survive Somehow.” Flashbacks also exhibit that Enid watched as both of her relatives were pounded by a undead and, as she tells Glenn, she was “orphaned by walkers.”

Despite her objections, Glenn (Steven Yeun) insists that Enid lapse to Alexandria with him as they bond over both carrying mislaid their families in a apocalypse.

THR posed a Enid/Sophia speculation to Gimple following a midseason culmination and while he wouldn’t endorse or repudiate it, he did seem to make transparent what she wasn’t.

“I can conjunction endorse nor repudiate that though we will contend we’ve had a flattering good demeanour during her front and that should contend something to people,” Gimple pronounced with a curtsy to a Wolves’ heading front W. 

It’s value observant that Gimple, a longtime fan of a comics, brings a “remix” proceed to a AMC series. Should Enid be a remixed chronicle of Sophia, a timing of her attainment and tie with Glenn could prove what instruction a zombie play is going. In a comics, Sophia becomes Maggie’s sole flourishing family member following Glenn’s death. The former pizza smoothness man is brutally beaten to genocide by Negan before Maggie gives birth to Glenn’s child.

Given that Glenn told Enid that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is pregnant, Enid could breeze adult portion as a pivotal playmate should Glenn die during Negan’s hands.

“There are a lot of approach moments from a comic entrance adult in a second half and panels that we’re bringing to life — from unequivocally large comic moments to unequivocally small comic moments,” Gimple told THR after a midseason finale. “Things that are not enormous and thespian though only small moments from a comic that all supplement adult to some large moments.”

For his part, Yeun pronounced on Talking Dead that Maggie’s pregnancy stirred him to go behind for Enid after he survived a now barbarous dumpster attack. “The appearing thought of fatherhood has really altered him, generally in a proceed that he processes how most he wants to contend his humanity,” he said. “He’s acid for a place to be means to pass on to his son or daughter and say, ‘Listen, your father attempted doing all he could to contend a chairman that he was so we can live in this multitude we combined adult until this point. So to go behind for Enid and to contend that this is for Maggie is partial of that.”

What do we consider of a theory? Sound off in a comments section, below. The Walking Dead returns Feb. 14 on AMC.

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