Waiter reveals 1 irritating pierce diners make

Are You Guilty of 'Winterspreading' during Restaurants?

QUEENS, N.Y. (WPIX) -– One Queens waiter is vocalization out about an irritating robe by his grill customers.

“‘Winterspreading’ is when people go into a restaurant, flay off all of their layers, scarf, hat, gloves, coat, and not carrying a place to put them, they will put them on tables and chairs subsequent to them,” explained Darron Cardosa. “Therefore creation those chairs taken for other customers.”

He also writes a blog about his adventures as a waiter. Cardosa says ‘winterspreading’ isn’t only selfish, it can impact a restaurant’s bottom line.

“It can be a large understanding on a bustling night when each chair is need and wanted by another customer,” Cardosa said. “If we travel into a bar and we see that 3 of a stools have coats on them, maybe we confirm to go someplace else.”

Cardosa does have an thought of what would exterminate winterspreading.

“Ideally in a ideal world, each place would have a cloak check,” Cardosa said. “But in New York City space stipulations are an issue. So a lot of places don’t have room for a cloak check.”

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