Virgin Atlantic removes cabin organisation make-up rule

Virgin Atlantic moody attendantsImage copyright
Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has private a long-standing requirement that womanlike cabin organisation wear make-up while on duty.

Female cabin crew, whose uniform facilities a tight, red skirt, will also now be offering trousers automatically, rather than usually when requested.

It pronounced it was a “significant change”.

Newer airlines, such as EasyJet and Ryanair, typically have comparatively loose manners on uniform, though many longer-established airlines give manners on what make-up contingency be worn.

The airline’s initial uniforms were designed by Arabella Pollen, a 23-year-old engineer during a time of a launch in 1984.

She combined Virgin Atlantic’s “Virgin Red”. The many new redesign was by Vivienne Westwood in 2014.

Virgin pronounced cabin organisation could now work though make-up, though were acquire to follow a palette of lipstick and substructure set out in a guidelines.

Virgin Atlantic orator Mark Anderson said: “Not usually do a new discipline offer an increasing turn of comfort, they also yield a group with some-more choice on how they wish to demonstrate themselves during work.”

The airline attention has been among a many regressive when it comes to coming standards, nonetheless it is gradually changing.

British Airways forsaken a no-trouser order for women in 2016, nonetheless it still requires womanlike organisation to wear make-up.