Vinta Nanda interjection supporters, says ‘I’m not fearful anymore’

vinta nanda photovinta nanda photo Vinta Nanda has thanked everybody for ancillary her.

TV writer-producer Vinta Nanda indicted film and TV actor Alok Nath of passionate nuisance around a Facebook post on Oct 8. In her post she gave a notation criticism of a events that took place roughly dual decades ago. Vinta wrote that she was intimately assaulted by Alok Nath and she also indicted him of badgering a lead singer Navneet Nishan on a sets. Now, Vinta has created a Facebook post thanking people for their support.

She thanked a Indian media, Tanushree Dutta, CINTAA, IFTDA, Producer’s Guild, Screenwriter’s Association and also thanked actors Sandhya Mridul, Deepika Amin, Navneet Nishan and Ameeta Nangia.

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Her Facebook post read,

“I wrote a post dual days ago in that we had expelled a agonise and trauma, that we was carrying on my behind for over 19 years. we have to contend a really large appreciate we to all of we who have upheld me positively and unequivocally. I’m beholden and fortunate. Other than my tighten friends and family of course, we am wealthier currently by about another 1000 friends during least, who we have now combined to my list.

I wrote what we did on incentive since we felt a ‘now-or-never’ impulse and about 12 hours later, when we woke adult a subsequent morning, we realised that it had incited into a contention that was holding place nationally. It was for a initial time in my life, that my universe had been taken over and we was flooded with calls and messages, many from opposite quarters, that we only couldn’t ignore. By about 11am on a 9th Oct we didn’t know what to do.

I called Naarad Anusha Srinivasan Iyer and requested her to come over to my bureau as shortly as she could. we handed my phone to Devki Bhalla and asked her to approach any call as good as summary that came from a media to pronounce to Anusha. I had a whole Indian media stationed in my bureau for a rest of a day and by about 2pm we was overwhelmed. we couldn’t trust what was happening.

I appreciate a #IndianMedia for moving a #MeToo transformation brazen relentlessly and for carrying brought it to a place where we as good as so many others have found a voices. You listened us and since of you, a universe listened us as well. Anusha and her group took caring of everything. After dual press conferences and many live telecasts thrown in, we was finally finished by 1030pm final night. It was no opposite today, though it was somewhat some-more lucid that it had been yesterday. Every singular chairman was really kind exclusive a integrate who probed and questioned me with doubt, wanting to pull me into admitting, that what we had finished was for some distant motive.

I spoke from my heart, recounting a array of events, that had taken place over and over again, burdensome myself to a good border though also realising how with any notation that was passing, we was changing as a person. I was not shaken and we am not fearful anymore. All my perplexity had passed into skinny air.
I had been detained by a swindling of overpower for roughly twenty years and suddenly, we was expelled from chains and we was free. I’ve been by a mega gushing over a final dual days and it is over now.
I’m disarmed and don’t feel a need to urge myself anymore. we have to get used to vital though pain, though that’s not going to be as formidable as it had been for me to learn to live with it, over a final so many years. It’s going to take me days and weeks to demeanour behind into repository to see what we have oral to whom in a final dual days, though that’s fine.

I salute Cintaa we appreciate a whole group during CINTAA. If it wasn’t for Sushaant Singh Amit Behl Odie Khan Deepak Qazir Kejriwal Ravi Jhankal and a group there, we would not have found a strength to pronounce out. I am beholden to Tanushree Datta for carrying galvanised a #MeToo transformation with her probity and courage.

I gained energy from it and therefore we came out. we still can’t trust what has happened thereafter. Even Ashoke Pandit offering a support of #IFTDA and that is something, we would say. The #ProducersGuildOfIndia has set adult a cabinet today, that will demeanour into all matters concerning women and emanate an enabling sourroundings for any and any chairman in a workforces. The #ScreenWritersAssociation has affianced a taciturn support to any author who feels threat. Above all else we wish to share a fun that we feel currently with Sandhya Mridul, Deepika Deshpande Amin and a many others who spoke adult and common their horrific experiences. My heroes, Navniit Nisshan Ameeta Nangia Grusha are such extraordinary people.”

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After Vinta Nanda’s allegations, actor Sandhya Mridul and Deepika Amin also came brazen with their passionate nuisance allegations opposite Alok Nath.


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Meanwhile, Alok Nath’s counsel Ashok Sarogi denied all a accusations in a press discussion on Wednesday. He also pronounced that they are formulation to record a insult fit opposite a accusers.

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