Vinod Kapri defends Pihu’s selling strategy: When we don’t have a superstar, we try to get attention

pihu film executive vinod kapri pihu film executive vinod kapri Director Vinod Kapri says Pihu is an offbeat film sans ‘stars’.  

A pointless call with a groan sound from a child seeking for help, gets abruptly cut. And when we call back, we get a trailer of stirring Hindi film Pihu. While this selling plan did not go good with a territory of people, executive Vinod Kapri says a goal was usually to pull courtesy to a film that is offbeat and sans “stars”.

Towards a finish of final month, a integrate of people took to amicable media to share sum of a call, slamming it as “a terrible idea, evil and unfortunate graduation strategy”, “totally disgusting”, “traumatising” and “disgusting”.

Kapri told IANS, “There are many people who didn’t like that, though when we do such films — offbeat, out-of-the-box, singular kind of films, and when we don’t have a superstar, when we don’t have a large director, infrequently we try to get attention. Many people didn’t like a idea, though there are many people who told us that after that sold phone call, they got to know about Pihu and they will watch a film.”

The Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho executive has himself worked extensively in a media industry.

“We know how to collect stories and that partial of story we should pick, so my media friends collect a disastrous side of stories. There are many people who wrote on Twitter that they got to know about a film from that phone… So, for some people it works, for some people it doesn’t work. But a goal was to get people to know about a film.”

Pihu is a film that has a singular protagonist Pihu, a two-year-old girl. A amicable thriller, it traces how Pihu grapples when left alone by her parents. The film had non-stop a International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, final year, and had elicited a certain response with a edge-of-the-seat drama.

Kapri described it as a “completely family film”.

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