Vince McMahon Was Apparently Not Happy With A Segment On "Talking Smack"

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A WWE source is strongly denying Sports Illustrated’s news that Talking Smack was canceled since Vince McMahon was not gratified with a uncover and it did not offer a company’s best interests, according to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The news explains if that were true, Vince would have canceled Talking Smack undisguised instead of stability to atmosphere it after pay-per-views. Moving forward, a array will continue, though with a reduce watched Tuesday episodes being canceled.

Vince McMahon doesn’t hatred Talking Smack, according to a Wrestling Observer Newsletter, though he does not watch it either. He gets a weekly news about a array each Wednesday. One shred Vince was reportedly unfortunate with was when The New Day seemed on a array right after Kofi Kingston got privileged on a May 23, 2017 episode. This finished adult being their Tuesday night entrance and Vince felt their initial coming on Tuesday should have been on SmackDown.

Talking Smack was a ninth most-watched uncover on a WWE Network final week, with a tip 10 most-watched shows as follows:

1. Great Balls of Fire
2. WWE 24 Kurt Angle
3. NXT on 7/12
4. Battleground 2016
5. WWE 24 Finn Balor
6. WrestleMania 33
7. Ride Along with Angle, Show, Sheamus and Cesaro
8. 205 Live from 7/11
9. Talking Smack from 7/11
10. NXT from 7/5

Last week was a final weekly airing of Talking Smack as it was reported a few days after a array would no longer follow SmackDown Live. WWE sent us a following matter about it:

We invariably examination WWE Network’s programming choice formed on a accumulation of factors, including viewership and subscriber research. Talking Smack and Raw Talk will atmosphere following pay-per-view events, and Tuesday will continue to underline 205 LIVE.

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