Vinaya Vidheya Rama film review: We didn’t need this Ram Charan starrer

Vinaya Vidheya Rama film rating
Vinaya Vidheya Rama film rating Vinaya Vidheya Rama review: Boyapati Sreenu was one step divided from divulgence that Rama’s home world is Krypton.

Vinaya Vidheya Ram film cast: Ram Charan, Kiara Advani, Vivek Oberoi
Vinaya Vidheya Ram film director: Boyapati Sreenu
Vinaya Vidheya Ram film rating: 1 star

Ram Charan suggested that executive Boyapati Sreenu took 4 years to make Vinaya Vidheya Rama after initial pitching a story to him. Apparently, Boyapati took these many years to rise a clumsy and groundless screenplay.

The screenplay might demeanour something like this: Rama Kills. Rama sings. Rama kills again. Rama holidays with family. Rama kills some more. And he repeats this all over again. The end.

The film gives Charan’s fans a few chances to mangle into claps and cheers when he appears on a screen. Even when he is on screen, Charan is possibly distinguished a energy pose, or flexing his muscle, or gabbing about his unchallengeable masculinity. Or he’s doing all of a above during a same time.

Watch a trailer of Ram Charan’s Vinaya Vidheya Rama:

The large problem with a film is a code of poisonous masculinity it promotes. Raja Bhai Munna (Vivek Oberoi) creates his rivals wear bangles to mutilate and contrition them. And on a other side, we have Rama, who is portrayed as a summary of masculinity. The hero’s masculinity is powered by his ability to grocer people but any remorse. Rama can kill 1000 people and still get a good night’s sleep. That’s a really wrong thought of a hero.

Boyapati’s imagination of Raja is another lifeless part. Vivek plays a text Telugu cinema villain. He keeps screaming, asks foolish questions, traumatises women and children for his pride. The film promotes poisonous masculinity, while it also feels consolation for outspoken women. In a meantime, there are no suggestive womanlike characters in a film. Sneha plays a batch impression of a amatory mother to Prashanth’s Bhuvan Kumar. And she is also caring towards her husband’s brothers, generally Rama, who happens to be her favorite. Kiara Advani is usually expel in a film as a womanlike lead since a attractive Rama needs a attractive Sita beside him. She has zero to do in a film exclusive a integrate of duet numbers.

Boyapati has redefined over-the-top movement films in Telugu. The film opens with 4 picture-perfect housewives, violation a coconut during a church seeking a god’s blessing as a good battles evil. Cut to subsequent scene, on a dry landscape, Rama is slaughtering a army of a immorality man. With a singular pitch of his weapon, Rama ends a duel as he falls off his bed in his room. He wakes adult and realises that it was a dream.

Vinaya Vidheya Rama is like examination a Balakrishna movement film on steroids. In an movement scene, Charan jumps on a speeding sight and rides on a rooftop, hops on a equine and rides it as a bombs go off in pointless places around him. Bullets don’t hit. Knives can’t cut him. No sequence is clever adequate to curb him. No male is male adequate to stop him. He’s an indestructible force. He’s a murdering machine. The executive was one step divided from divulgence that Rama’s home world is Krypton.