Viktoria Marinova: Arrest over Bulgarian publisher murder

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Ms Marinova is a third high-profile publisher to be killed in a EU this year

A male has been arrested in Germany in tie with a rape and murder of Bulgarian publisher Viktoria Marinova.

Bulgarian officials contend a male named Severin Krasimirov has been incarcerated during their request.

The country’s Interior Minister, Mladen Marinov, pronounced a think was a DNA compare for justification recovered during a crime scene.

Current justification does not advise a conflict was associated to Ms Marinova’s work as a journalist, officials said.

She had recently hosted a TV programme in that dual inquisitive reporters discussed purported rascal involving EU supports and distinguished businessmen and politicians.

However, arch prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov pronounced a conflict seemed to have been a extemporaneous passionate assault, adding that all possibilities were still being considered.

What do we know of a suspect?

Severin Krasimirov left Bulgaria for Germany on Sunday, a day after a rape and murder, Bulgarian journal 168 Chasa reports.

The think was charged in Bulgaria in his deficiency and a European detain aver was requested.

A male incarcerated on Tuesday in Bulgaria was expelled but charge.

Viktoria Marinova’s physique was found on Saturday in a park in a northern city of Ruse, nearby a River Danube. She had been raped, beaten and suffocated.

Her mobile phone, keys, glasses, and some of her garments were missing, prosecutors say.

German military reliable a detain of a 20-year-old male in Stade, nearby Hamburg. He is due in justice on Wednesday.

Who was Viktoria Marinova?

She was a presenter on a stream affairs speak programme called Detector on a TVN channel, and her final uncover had lonesome purported crime involving EU funds.

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Flowers and candles for Viktoria Marinova in a city of Rousse

The dual inquisitive reporters on that programme, Attila Biro and Dimitar Stoyanov, were themselves arrested in Sep while looking into a case.

Those sum led to widespread conjecture that Ms Marinova’s genocide competence have been associated to her work as a journalist.

Suspicions remain

BBC Monitoring

This murder has repelled a nation and reignited a discuss about leisure of a media in Bulgaria.

Despite investigators downplaying – if not statute out – a probability of a crime being associated to Ms Marinova’s work, associate reporters indicate out that there are low suspicions about a domestic dimension. That is since of a “terrible” media atmosphere where a nuisance of reporters is common.

Journalist Albena Bachvarova writes in that notwithstanding calls from Europe for a quick investigation, it stays to be seen if Brussels will say vigour on Bulgaria – or either it will go behind on focusing on bigger problems, like Hungary and Poland.

She was a third high-profile publisher to be murdered in a EU in a past year:

On Monday, hundreds of mourners in Bulgaria hold vigils for Ms Marinova.

But Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borissov shielded his country’s record, insisting that reporters were giveaway to news in Bulgaria.

“In 3 days, I’ve review grievous things about Bulgaria – nothing of them are true,” he pronounced of a tellurian stating on Ms Marinova’s murder.

Bulgaria ranks 111 out of 180 countries on a Press Freedom Index – a lowest of any EU member in a Press Freedom Index.