VIDEO: Tesla unveils Model X electric car

Silicon Valley electric car-maker Tesla has launched a third indication to date – a sports-utility automobile renowned by a double-hinged “falcon wing” back doors, that spread themselves upwards to assistance relatives put their children inside.

The Model X was denounced scarcely dual years after than creatively scheduled.

The firm’s arch executive Elon Musk concurred that a “difficulty in engineering” some of a tools concerned had been larger than he had creatively expected.

The automobile can fit 7 people and can transport about 250 miles (400km) on a singular charge.

However, analysts contend a cost – that runs as high as $144,000 (£95,100) – is approaching to rage demand. Tesla has pronounced it skeleton to betray a lower-cost automobile in 2017.

The association has nonetheless to make a profit.

The BBC’s North America record contributor Dave Lee was during a launch eventuality in Fremont, California.

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