VIDEO: A $5,900 chair for a office

If you’re operative during a list for a prolonged time it can be tough to sojourn focused.

The Altwork Station is designed to renovate itself into opposite positions to assistance keep we warning and comfortable.

It can go from being a station list – all a fury in offices right now – right down to a environment that has a user roughly horizontal.

Magnets are used to keep a keyboard and rodent in place, and hopefully a joint is clever adequate to stop a Mac mechanism acrobatics down into your face. There’s also a side list for a crater of coffee, if we need one.

The list doesn’t come inexpensive – $5,900 (£3,900), nonetheless we do get a bonus if we pre-order it now.

Che Voigt, Altwork’s co-founder, told me a cost was in-line with many high-end bureau furniture.

Right now a association is focusing on a US market, privately a West Coast. But eventually they wish a list will be used in offices all over a world.

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