Vicki Gunvalson Threatens to Expose Mysterious Lies Shannon Beador’s Told About Her Marriage

Shannon Beador competence have told Vicki Gunvalson that she no longer wants to be friends, yet Gunvalson isn’t going divided quietly.

On Monday’s part of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Gunvalson responded to Beador’s allegations that she had lied about ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers‘ cancer diagnosis by melancholy to display Beador’s lies about her attribute with father David.

“I have secrets of Shannon that she told me in certainty about her attribute with David,” Gunvalson, 54, told viewers. “And I’ve put it in a box and put a clinch one and we have a pivotal hidden. However she keeps pulling during me and being meant to me, we competence lift out a small tip she doesn’t wish anyone to know.”

She continued, “Shannon’s been accusing me of fibbing for over a year now. And we know she’s been fibbing something about her marriage. And I’m sleepy of it. She’s gotta stop pulling my buttons. She pushes a wrong button, it’s all over. And it’s going to be unequivocally hurtful for her and her family.”

Vicki Gunvalson

The indictment threw Shannon for a loop.

“Please tell me what I’ve lied about,” she challenged Gunvalson during Meghan King Edmonds‘ store opening. “I have not lied about a thing. we am not a liar. Tell me what I’ve lied about.”

“I wished we well,” Shannon continued. “I attempted to be good and contend I’m contemptible we were in an collision and got hurt. we don’t wish to be your friend.”

But Gunvalson remained still on a specific untruth. “We all lie! You’ve lied too,” she simply indicted Shannon, before job Shannon a “bitch” behind her back.

Shannon Beador

It was a pierce that had Shannon doubt Gunvalson’s motives.

“Why is she job me a liar and afterwards not revelation anybody what a large distortion is?” Shannon wondered. “Because there is no lie! we am not going to concede Vicki to bluster me with something she refuses to expose. Are we bluffing me Vicki? You perplexing to bluster me with some dull threat? Because we haven’t lied.”

One other chairman knew a distortion yet – Kelly Dodd. “She does have something on her,” Dodd told Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge of Gunvalson and Shannon. “It’s horrible. we know for a fact that [Shannon] has secrets. Proven.”

Dubrow was annoyed. “The thing about being advanced about gripping a tip is we don’t contend anything about it,” she explained. “This is a treat, we don’t like this. And we don’t wish to know what it is.”

David Beador and Vicki Gunvalson

Ironically, it was Gunvalson who was fibbing about her evidence with David during the barbarous ’70s party. Or perhaps, misremembering.

Gunvalson claimed David had pounded her unprovoked. “He called me a pig,” she said. “He’s a square of s—. we was articulate to this lady we had only met and David pronounced don’t pronounce to her. That’s what a law is.”

But a shave from a ’70s celebration showed that Gunvalson had been negatively vocalization about Shannon during a time David select to pronounce up. “His choice of words, Vicki, was positively inappropriate,” Shannon told Gunvalson. “But he was annoyed by you. You don’t accept any shortcoming for your role.”

By episode’s end, Shannon had motionless to play good with Gunvalson – joking around with her during Dubrow’s book launch and creation skeleton with a incomparable organisation to go on a girls outing to Ireland.

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“For months now I’ve being observant that we have forgiven Vicki. So we need to uncover everybody that we can have fun with Vick. we have no problem carrying a good time with her. But I’m still not going to be her best friend,” Shannon said.

Judge wasn’t certain if that was a case.

“I have no thought what Vicki can presumably have on Shannon, yet we consider Shannon is frightened and that’s because she’s being good to Vicki.” she said. “It’s all unequivocally suspicious.”

“I’m job bulls—,” Judge added. “But I’m unequivocally anticipating they can pierce past it and get along.”

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