Viacom’s Paramount Channel to Launch in Middle East

Viacom International Media Networks’ fastest-growing brand, entrance to a U.S. subsequent year, is already accessible in a dozen countries and reaches some-more than 94 million households.

Viacom’s Paramount Channel is entrance to a Middle East and North Africa subsequent month.

The company’s Viacom International Media Networks section will launch what it says is a fastest-growing code on Apr 15 in partnership with compensate TV giant OSN. The channel will be accessible in English and with Arabic subtitles.

Among a Paramount Channel calm lined adult for right after a launch are a likes of GhostForrest Gump, Pulp Fiction and Mean Girls in an “I Love That Movie” primetime slot, Whitney Houston TV biopic Whitney and BBC miniseries Our Zoo.

The new channel’s initial “Thursday Focus” underline will be about Robert De Niro and embody his films Everybody’s Fine, Jackie Brown and The Untouchables.

Under an disdainful agreement, a companies will also launch a Nick Toons linear channel and a Teen Nick SVOD channel, definition that a sum of 9 Viacom brands will now have disdainful OSN placement in a region. Viacom International Media Networks is now also a largest provider of ubiquitous calm for OSN.

“The new additions serve consolidate VIMN’s position as a array one provider of ubiquitous branded services on OSN’s platforms,” a association said. In addition, VIMN has a flourishing recreational and consumer product business in the Mideast with a Nickelodeon flagship store in a Dubai Mall and a designed Nickelodeon Land, set to open inside a IMG Worlds family party core in Dubai.

Said OSN arch calm officer Emad Morcos: “The 3 new channels, in further to a charity already available, give a viewers entrance to a unequivocally best party from around a world.”

The Paramount Channel has been a large success for VIMN, that used to be run by Viacom CEO Bob Bakish. The initial Paramount Channel launched in Spain 5 years ago. Now there are a dozen Paramount Channels that strech some-more than 94 million households in 100 countries.

“Internationally, we’ve been unequivocally successful in capitalizing on a marquee Paramount code to offer ubiquitous party channels that underline high-quality programming, cinema and documentaries,” Bakish said on a new gain discussion call. “In fact, a Paramount channel is already a largest ad upheld film channel in a world.”

In a U.S., Viacom skeleton to rebrand Spike TV as a Paramount Channel subsequent year after recently phenomenon a concentration on a 6 core brands – MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Comedy Central, BET and Paramount.

“The Paramount Channel in MENA is a subsequent step brazen in this fast enlargement and a unequivocally vicious launch,” said Raffaele Annecchino, boss and handling director, VIMN South and Western Europe, Middle East and Africa. After all, VIMN has in new years invariably stretched a participation and business in a Middle East.

“The Middle East is a good instance of a expansion of a Viacom ubiquitous business,” a executive says. “The Paramount Channel’s goal is to turn a end for those looking for peculiarity stories – films, array and behind-the-scenes content. So curation is vicious to perform this singular proposition.”

He promises calm regulating a code filter “Stories Worth Telling,” with a concentration on 24-49 year olds and films from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, both from the Paramount Pictures library and additional transport protected from other studios, array and movie-related content. 

Annecchino emphasizes that calm on a network will be “totally in line with and totally respectfully of” a internal culture. “We are unequivocally clever to honour internal culture,” he tells THR. “We always do that in any marketplace as sensibilities are opposite everywhere. We have never had any problems in a Middle East. And we have internal people in a bureau in Dubai permitting Viacom to have a many improved bargain of a internal culture.”

The Paramount Channel is already accessible in Spain (where it launched in 2012), France (2013), Sweden (2014) Hungary, Romania, Russia (2014) Latin America(2014), Poland (2015), Italy (2016), Thailand (2016) and Vietnam (2017).

In Spain, some-more than 28 million viewers watch a free-to-air chronicle of a Paramount Channel any month. In France, a compensate chronicle it is a many widely distributed compensate TV channel with some-more than 14 million households, as good as a array 1 movie-related channel in terms of strech with 5.5 million viewers age 4 and older, and a tip network in a adults 25-59 aim demographic with 3.2 million viewers per month. And in Italy, a year-old free-to-air version as one of a tip 5 thematic channels for a 25-54 demo.

“We have no goal of holding a feet off a gas,” says Michael Armstrong, executive vp and ubiquitous manager, income and rising brands during Viacom International Media Networks, about a destiny rollout of a Paramount Channel worldwide. “There are a lot of households around a creation that are unequivocally seeking good storytelling. We consider we have got a good resolution for that, and where a economics make clarity for us, we will continue to hurl it out.”

With so many channels and other forms of party accessible these days, Armstrong explains that a network needs to be value people’s time. “We are going after a changed time that consumers have currently as they conflict reckoning out how to spend and change their time,” he says. “So we wish them to feel like that they can rest on us to curate a best stories, either they put them behind in a place where they saw that calm or they remind them of something unequivocally personal in their lives.” With a network now carrying vicious strech opposite several tools of a world, it’s turn easier to “share ideas and build off any others’ ideas for film marathons, promotions and other things to raise that consumer experience,” Armstrong adds.

Asked about a interest of a network to marketers, he says: “If we consider about advertisers who wish to strech a unequivocally intent assembly that wants good storytelling, either we are a film studio compelling a tellurian launch of a film or an classification rising consumer finished goods, we are open for business with them.”

Content on a Paramount channels globally will continue to count on a Paramount titles accessible in specific markets and other programming that can be licensed. “With Paramount, we have got a advantage of calm from a 100-plus year library that has been curated by that Paramount towering and stars filter, that we love,” says Armstrong. But a network has also combined name protected calm from other companies. In Latin America, for example, a channel recently launched House of Cards and Orange Is a New Black. “These are high-quality array that Sony and Lionsgate, respectively, done accessible in that market, and they unequivocally fit a ‘Stories Worth Telling’ code filter,” a executive says.

The same goes for internal content, that a new Mideast channel is also approaching to underline over time. “At some point, as we do in many markets, Paramount Channel skeleton to embody some internal cinema that have proven a success, and we will work some-more with a film village in MENA,” Annecchino tells THR. “Our plan is always a glocal one, mixing tellurian and internal calm and focus.”

What about strange fare? The Paramount Channel in several countries already facilities original behind-the-scenes calm and film stars or story tellers opining on their careers or movies. But strange array or films could also be on a setting in a near- to medium-term “as we scale a business,” says Armstrong. “We are positively carrying those conversations.”

Why will a Paramount Channel find interest in a Middle East and North Africa? “We know that people in a segment adore examination movies,” Annecchino tells THR. “With peculiarity Hollywood movies, a channel will be applicable in many of a countries of a segment – from a Emirates and Qatar to Lebanon.”

He adds: “We do a lot of research. Our new Movie Moments investigate reliable that cinema continue to have concept interest opposite all demographics.”

Worldwide, 83 percent of adults 16-45 adore examination movies, while in a Middle East that is even aloft during 89 percent, he says. By far, a many renouned approach of examination films in a Middle East is television, with 92 percent of people observant they do so, according to additional research. And Viacom says that investigate shows that cinema lead digital video observation opposite a Middle East and North Africa region. Comedy, followed by action/adventure and drama, is a favorite genre of film, according to Viacom. 

Armstrong is looking brazen to some-more launches ahead, saying: “We’re vehement about a Paramount and Paramount Channel code and a momentum.”