Very Important PSA: You Can Get Dole Whip Outside of Disneyland

Source: Flickr user aloha75

Dole Pineapple Whip is one of a many dear snacks accessible during a Disney parks, as any Disney advocate will gladly tell you. Creamy, tropical, and refreshing, a solidified provide inspires such nostalgia that it has spawned entire blog posts — people adore Dole Whip, and they’re not messing around. While many trust a break to be a Disney exclusive, there are places to find a whip outward of a park . . . so if you’re pining (get it?!) for solidified pineapple whip though don’t have a Disney vacation on a books, we’ve got your back.


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While they’re not all permitted by Dole itself, we can find pineapple whip during a accumulation of locations. Bay Area Disney fans swear by a place called Pineapples, that will tip a juicy provide with all from li hing powder to mochi. Los Angeles residents line adult for Whipp’d, that serves a accurate same Dole Whip that’s accessible during Disneyland. If you’re in Hawaii, we can conduct to a Dole Plantation and ambience Dole Whip right from a source! And people all opposite a nation have reported pineapple whip sightings from Oregon to Indiana . . . so have no fear. While Dole Whip always tastes improved during Disney since of a enchanting environment, we can still prove your cravings outward of a park.

Where’s your favorite place to eat pineapple whip? Let us know in a comments!