Varun Dhawan is a reason behind his possess tears and we can’t stop laughing. Here’s why

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The news coverage surrounding Judwaa 2, a reconstitute of a 1997 Salman Khan film, is on a nadir. This Varun Dhawan starrer will see him in a double purpose and a film, that also stars Taapsee Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez, is already removing large media courtesy interjection to assertive promotion. Today Varun Dhawan uploaded brief clips on his Instagram account. In those videos, Varun is interviewing… himself! No need to review a preceding judgment again. You review it usually fine.

In a interview, promote on CNN News18, a initial Varun Dhawan who is a interviewer asks questions to a actor Varun Dhawan, a interviewee. The questions are unequivocally funny. The talk starts with Varun Dhawan seeking Varun Dhawan (never suspicion we would contend this) what he does. Varun Dhawan replies that he is an actor.

To that a interviewer Varun Dhawan asks that film he has acted in, finish with quote black on a word “acted”. The actor Varun Dhawan loses his cold and says a interviewer should have finished his task before a interview. To this, a interviewer says that they do task usually for good actors like Alia Bhatt.

The questions get nastier. In a waggish spin of events, a interviewer Varun Dhawan asks a actor Varun Dhawan how does he know a dogs he takes cinema with like him. To that a actor breaks says that he knows dogs like him since they grin as they click pictures. Just as a interviewer Varun Dhawan gives an mocking grin a interviewee Varun Dhawan stars shedding tears.

Then a interviewer Varun Dhawan asks if a actor knows since he was expel in Judwaa 2? Well, he gives a answer himself, and says that it is since they could not get Salman Khan. Judwaa 2, destined by David Dhawan, will recover on Sep 29. Till then, watch these humorous videos for some sip of laughter!

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