Varnika Kundu’s Father Has Some Advice For Haryana BJP Chief

New Delhi:  A day after Haryana BJP arch Subhash Barala conspicuous a daughter of a substitute in Chandigarh who has indicted his son of stalking her was “like my daughter” and assured no interference in a troops probe, a woman’s father conspicuous he expects a BJP celebrity to act like a authority he claims to be – a father.


“There is a mindful in Haryanvi that beti sabki saanjhi hoti hai (taking caring of daughters is everyone’s responsibility). But if he feels like he is her father, he ought to act like her father as well,” IAS officer Virender Kundu, whose daughter Varnika Kundu had posted on Facebook a harrowing critique of a post-midnight vehicle chase, told NDTV.

Vikas Barala, a son of a Haryana BJP chief, was arrested today after being charged with confusing to kidnap Ms Kundu.

The substitute has denied any effect on him that competence mangle a case, generally over a Haryana BJP arch reportedly confusing to strech a IAS officer on phone while he was during a troops station. “I will customarily critique on that once we have my call annals before me. we can pronounce about it later,” a woman’s father told NDTV.

Vikas’ catch on Wednesday has taken some warmth off a police, who have been indicted of confusing to mix a box underneath effect from a state’s government BJP. “I saw they were covering their faces, and here’s my daughter who is though a cover on ancient television. This is a spirit, and this is a reversal,” a IAS officer said.

CCTV footage of a white SUV racing behind Ms Kundu’s vehicle had confirmed her account of being chased on a streets of Chandigarh.

Vikas and his associate had refused to give their blood and urine samples a night they were arrested. Sources in a home process contend when they refused to go to a home for tests, a amalgamate was called to check them and he conspicuous that they reeked of alcohol.

Mr Kundu conspicuous it is adult to a troops how to go about rebel a medical conference angle, adding “it is adult to a troops to do things lawfully”.

On Tuesday, Subhash Barala had told reporters there was no effect on a troops to go easy on his son. “Varnika is like my daughter. To get her justice, whatever transformation is to be taken according to a manners conflicting Vikas and Ashish should be taken,” a BJP celebrity had told reporters.

The comparison substitute posted on Facebook that “…In a cut and dry box like this, where there is 0 cloudy or dubious in terms of actions or identities, if a element fails to present justice, thereafter there is something deeply ebbing in a society, a organisation and a country.”

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