‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Lala Goes Home With Jax After Seeing James’ Love Bites

So awkward! On a Dec. 7 part of ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ James showed adult to work with adore bites and scratches all over his body. And when Lala demanded he tell her who he slept with, she was repelled to find out it was nothing other than her good friend, Lauren. Ouch.

James has turn utterly a actor on Vanderpump Rules. On a Dec. 7 episode, James, who recently pennyless adult with longtime partner Kristen after intrigue on her with Lala, certified to carrying sex with another SUR server named Lauren. He even came to work with adore bites and scratches all over his physique — so gross!

Lala and James were never strictly dating, yet when she saw a scratches, she begged James to tell her who he slept with. He refused to tell her for a while, and her friend, Lauren, who was a one who indeed slept with James, even told her she doesn’t need to know and shouldn’t worry about it. What a good crony she is. So when Lala did find out from James who he slept with, she was so impossibly pissed. And she retaliated by ratting Lauren out to her boyfriend. Yes, Lauren slept with James even yet she had a boyfriend. (What is with these people?!) Lala afterwards went home with Jax because, as we can usually guess, she no longer wanted to feel like second best to James, nor anyone else for that matter.

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Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump threw not one yet dual parties for Gay Pride, that is indeed where James showed adult with his adore bites. And Kristen showed adult and simulated to be relevant. But before that, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz helped Shay jumpstart his makeover after revelation to a critical painkiller addiction. And Scheana finally went to DMV to change her name on her license. Forget Scheana Marie — legally, she’s now Scheana Shay.

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We hatred to contend this, yet a veterans are apropos flattering boring. These days, it’s all about a newbies — James, Lala, and someone pointless lady named Lauren. Bravo, we desire of you, move behind Stassi!

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