‘Vampire Diaries’ Boss: Phoenix Stone Twist Will Have "Powerful" Impact on Salvatore Brothers

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for a The Vampire Diaries‘ midseason finale, “Cold As Ice.”]

Christmas came to Mystic Falls early on Thursday, only in time for The Vampire Diaries to broach another beast of a turn by a shutting moments of a midseason finale. After arguing over either to kill Julian (Todd Lasance), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) finally tracked a horrible Heretic down during a gratifying Santa-themed bar hop.

Sadly, Julian got a top palm in a finish when he fought off a brothers and plunged a sword with a Phoenix mill right into Damon, promulgation him to his possess personal chronicle of hell. Meanwhile, Nora (Scarlett Byrne) retaliated to a brothers abduction her on-again, off-again partner Mary Louise (Terresa Liane) by holding that same sword and plunging it into Stefan, also promulgation him to his possess personalized hell.

To find out where a story goes next, what’s going on with a three-year time burst and what Mystic Falls can demeanour like nonetheless a brothers, THR held adult with showrunner Julie Plec. 

Both a guys are trapped in a Phoenix stone, nonetheless will viewers see them there together?

It’s a designed ruin for any particular person. The doubt is how is it designed for any of them, and we’ll start to see that as shortly as we relapse from a holiday.

Does that meant some-more duration scenes to a guys’ former lives?

Yes, it’s no tip that Episode 10, that is a winter premiere, has a lot of Civil War elements to it. We see a lot of Damon behind before he was a vampire and we put him by a flattering large ringer as his experience. It all ties into his childhood and his attribute with his hermit and his mother.

How does that review to when he was in 1994 limbo final season?

Last deteriorate was some-more about isolation, and Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) being private from everybody they cared about. But during slightest they had any other — that during a commencement seemed like a predestine worse than genocide and by a finish incited them into best friends. There was a disappointment to 1994 that positively will feel that same. The disappointment of a cunning of a business behind in 1994 was that they were trapped in an epoch where zero ever changed. And we have a identical kind of fun with a cunning of what that mill does to his mind.

Will there be a time relapse when we return?

Yes and no. For Damon it won’t feel like many time during all, nonetheless in a tangible benefaction day we’ll have to consternation how many time has upheld given that sword got tangled into his heart.

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How will a sword affect Stefan?

What we’ll learn eventually is that it’s formidable for Stefan to demonstrate what happened to him. And so we will indeed uncover a poser of what his knowledge was like after a fact. So people have to wait for a small bit.

Will it have anything to do with throwing adult to a three-year flash-forward?

It doesn’t privately bond to a flash-forward nonetheless a fallout of their practice positively impacts where their characters go to get Damon to a indicate where he puts himself down and to get Stefan to a indicate where he finds himself on a run again, waking adult his brother. The second half of a deteriorate is all about exploring a energetic between a brothers and a lengths that they’re peaceful to go to strengthen any other nonetheless also epic ways that they have unhappy any other and have continued to do so. It’s a unequivocally absolute hermit storyline that I’m unequivocally vehement about.

Is that arrange of a reversion to a initial season?

Yes, absolutely, we’re now 7 years after and they’ve been by a lot some-more benefaction day practice nonetheless these are patterns of function that have been determined given they were teenagers, genuine teenagers. It’s a cycle that Stefan is starting to know his purpose in Damon’s life and Damon’s priorities and where he sits on that list and clamp versa.

This partial it looked as nonetheless Nora was branch around, and afterwards there was that twist. Is it protected to contend she’ll continue to be an criminal in a behind half?

The poser of Nora is perplexing to envision what will make her quarrel for a powers of good contra her healthy instincts to always be as nasty and immorality as she can be. we consider her fickle celebrity is partial of since even when she seems trust estimable she’s formidable to put your faith in her. So infrequently she’ll be peaceful to quarrel a good fight, nonetheless a heroes have to confirm if she’s a kind of chairman they wish on her side or not.

Is there wish for her and Mary Louise after all they’ve been through?

They’ve been together for an intensely prolonged time and it seems that they’re a integrate that has substantially had their satisfactory share of fights over a years. They’ve been unequivocally impacted by their knowledge vital in a complicated times and benefaction day and wanting opposite things out of their lives. The mangle will be impactful and they’ll have to confirm if they wish to quarrel their approach behind to any other or not.

Now that a agreement is off, what does this meant for Mystic Falls?

The problem with Mystic Falls is that it’s turn such a wasteland. And it will turn even some-more so since Julian still lives to tell a tale. We haven’t nonetheless seen a implications of what it means to have Julian sleeping in a Salvatore residence and mouth-watering his friends over to play. That’s something we’ll get into in a subsequent collection of episodes.

Was it always a devise to save a Gemini twins, or did that come as a outcome of Candice King’s real-life pregnancy?

Reintroducing a babies behind into Alaric’s life as a approach of observant all wish is not mislaid was something that we had talked about utterly a lot before we started violation this season, feeling what he went through was so horrific and so awful that we wanted to give him only a splinter of hope. So we started personification with a thought of how those babies could have survived formed on what happened during that marriage and we came adult with this good representation that we were going to try around another impression who we’ve never met before. And afterwards Candice called and pronounced she was pregnant. So we had to confirm … a initial instinct was, should we only barter that story and make it Caroline’s journey? We had to speak by all a romantic implications of that and satisfied that it gave us so many some-more event than we’d even had in a initial place.

Caroline was struggling with her pregnancy symptoms in a finale. Will they worsen?

She’s positively not going to have a world’s many stately pregnancy. There are dual magician babies inside of her. There are really going to be some hurdles that she’ll have to cranky before she gives birth. we can’t pledge that a birth is going to be a easiest thing in a world. we consider that Caroline wants all to go ideally and as such, anything that goes wrong is going to shake her. And shake Stefan since of march even nonetheless they’re not his, he’s there to support her and he cares for her so deeply that saying her in any kind of danger is going to be a surpassing experience. But that’s all things that we get to play with in a subsequent chapter.

Are we anywhere nearby coming a indicate of meditative about circuitous down this array now that it’s strike 7 seasons?

I don’t have a kind of control over how a uncover ends that one competence have attributed to say, Matt Weiner, who knew that Mad Men only indispensable to be done. It is a small bit of a liquid business in that as prolonged as we feel like there are still stories to tell and a artistic group wants to continue revelation them, a actors wish to continue being a partial of it, afterwards a finish isn’t right in front of us. At any given indicate we could comprehend that your pivotal players are prepared to pierce on, like what Nina [Dobrev] motionless to do final year, or we could start to mangle a deteriorate and comprehend that we don’t know where to go. That’s always a clarity of a commencement of a end. And we haven’t strike that yet, so right now we’re all committed to only staying and doing it as prolonged as we can until we all collectively comprehend that it’s time to be done.

The Vampire Diaries earnings Friday, Jan. 29 during 8 p.m. on The CW.

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