US wants Britain to sojourn ‘strong leader’ in Europe

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The United States wants Britain to sojourn a clever personality in Europe even as it starts a withdrawal from a European Union, a Trump administration pronounced on Wednesday. “We honour a will of a British citizens and her majesty’s supervision in holding stairs of vacating a European Union,” White House orator Sean Spicer said. “Whatever destiny a UK-EU attribute looks like, we wish a UK to sojourn a clever personality in Europe,” he said.

Nine months after a referendum on Brexit that continues to order a country, a British envoy to a EU, Tim Barrow, delivered a minute Wednesday to European Council President Donald Tusk rigourously rising a routine that will lead to Britain’s withdrawal. President Donald Trump has raw European leaders by praising Britain’s exit from a European Union and presaging that other countries would follow.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has told US Vice President Mike Pence that Trump should refrain from propelling other countries to leave a EU, warning in an talk with a Financial Times final week that if a EU collapses fight in a Balkans would follow. Spicer was asked about Junker’s criticism that Trump did not seem meddlesome in European affairs.

“The boss is really well-steeped in universe affairs, generally Europe, NATO,” Spicer said.

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