US: Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus were carrying an event for 3 years

On Friday morning we saw a initial photos of Ben Affleck out a night before with a lady who was primarily reputed to be a new girlfriend, an SNL writer and Emmy leader named Lindsay Shookus. E! ran those photos along with some nominal sum about Shookus. It wasn’t prolonged until other outlets, quite US and People, started using disastrous stories about her with usually a right volume of shade. we kept awaiting to review “bless her heart” peppered among a details, and there were plenty. I’m usually going to do an shortened list here and we can review a particular stories related if we haven’t already. There’s so most to summation though we would assume that “someone” told US and People a sum all in one go, that were afterwards meted out into mixed stories over a weekend like filled candies with sh-tty centers. You’d rather have one decent chocolate bar instead of these pieces with poser preserve we finish adult spitting out.

US: Ben has been observant Lindsay for 3 years, she was married too
“Ben and Lindsay started their event about 3 years ago, usually a few months after she became a mom,” an insider tighten to a former A-list integrate claimed to Us. “They were not accidentally dating — they were carrying a full-blown affair. They were sleeping together, promulgation any other lovable texts and assembly adult whenever they could.

Garner and Shookus’ ex-husband, Kevin Miller, both detected a attribute in 2015, a source claims: “They were ravaged when they found out about a affair.”

US: Affleck source claims he’s usually been observant Lindsay 3 months
“Ben and Lindsay have been out together in London, in Los Angeles and he has skeleton to go revisit her in New York as well,” a insider tells Us. ”He isn’t relieved that this information is out there, though he is really happy with Lindsay and doesn’t wish to censor it.”

“Lindsay was not what led to a finish of their marriage. They had a ton of other problems.”

“Jen knew about a new attribute and still chose to go on vacation with Ben for a 4th of July,” a source shared, referring to a former couple’s new outing to a Caribbean.

US: Lindsay left her father to be with Affleck
The Saturday Night Live writer tied a tangle with her NBC co-worker Miller in 2010. However, an insider alleges that her attribute with Affleck, 44, spurred her to finish a marriage. “She was married and had a baby and left her father to be with Ben,” a source claims.

The insider alleges that Shookus would frequently transport to L.A. to director talent for SNL so she could spend time with a Oscar winner. Meanwhile, Affleck was still married to Garner.

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I was going to quote People too, though they parrot Ben’s side of a story, that he’s only been with Lindsay for 3 months, though that they were “flirting” before to that. They also have another story about how Lindsay has been staying during Ben’s let house in LA. She was seen drifting out of LAX on Friday, a day after their date (those pics are below). E! has a flattering piece about how how “kind,” “unpretentious,” “loyal” and how most of a “girl subsequent door” Lindsay is, and it reads like all a bullsh-t he contingency have told her to get her on a offshoot and remonstrate her to leave her husband. we would gamble good income that he’s finished this to several other women during his marriage.

It’s not startling that Affleck is a cheater, though he had a longterm side square ALONG with screwing a immature nanny. So he got with Lindsay in 2013, Jen detected a event in 2015, and Ben was held with a nanny that summer. Shookus certainly listened about a nanny nonetheless she STILL took him behind after that. He was substantially sophistry a few other women here and there too, narcissists do that. Also, review this quote in US, sourced to someone tighten to Affleck, most observant he’s not to censure for anything given he was carrying problems in his matrimony anyway. “Lindsay was not what led to a finish of their marriage. They had a ton of other problems.” When you’re carrying problems with a associate we mangle adult or work on things with a associate we don’t go angry to your several mistresses and your children’s caregiver, and then censure a mother for it unless we give 0 f-ks about your marriage.

So we know Affleck will harm his relationships, we saw what he did to J.Lo and now we have a tiny glance of what he was doing to Jen. we wish she can let go, we wish she realizes she’s good absolved of him, and we like that we’re removing these dates and sum about a mistress. It’s like codependent Jen was underneath his spell and was gripping his secrets for him while desiring his lies about how he would change. Now that a PR lid is carried she’s dishing on all and it’s worse than we thought. Also, it sounds like Lindsay is usually as cruel as Ben, right? They might seem ideal for any other though it won’t be prolonged until he’s pulling a same tricks on her that kept Jen off change and struggling in vain to keep a attribute together, when in existence there was zero she could do to change him.

Photos credit: WENN and Backgrid