US and Russia in Syria assent push

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More than 250,000 people have died in scarcely 5 years of polite fight in Syria

The US and Russia contend universe powers will accommodate in New York on Friday to pass a UN fortitude endorsing a Syria assent process.

It follows talks in Moscow between US Secretary of State John Kerry, his Russian reflection Sergei Lavrov and President Vladimir Putin.

Mr Lavrov pronounced both sides would keep operative on quarrelsome issues, like a make-up of a antithesis delegation.

Mr Kerry pronounced they had reached some agreement, such as on militant groups.

Russia launched an atmosphere debate to accelerate Mr Assad’s supervision in September. It says it has targeted usually “terrorists”, above all jihadist militants from a Islamic State (IS) group, though activists contend a strikes have especially strike Western-backed insurgent groups.

Friday’s assembly in New York would pass a UN fortitude reaffirming a beliefs of a assent routine concluded in Vienna final month, Mr Lavrov said.

Mr Kerry trafficked to Moscow to try to overpass gaps over ways to finish a Syrian conflict.

He told President Putin a dual countries had “the ability to make a poignant difference”.

The US and Russia remonstrate on what purpose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should play in any transition.

The US wants him to mount down, though Russia says usually a Syrian people should confirm his fate.

Conflicting messages – Steve Rosenberg, BBC News, Moscow

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The Free Syrian Army has denied receiving any support from a Russian military

There has been some difficulty (to put it mildly) about either Russia is or isn’t provision weapons and ammunition to a Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Last week, President Putin pronounced it was – then, a few hours later, his orator Dmitry Peskov denied it.

On Monday, a arch of a Russian ubiquitous staff pronounced Russia was ancillary a FSA with arms, ammunition and element assistance (copying Mr Putin roughly word for word). But a few hours after a Kremlin help denied that Moscow was provision anything.

I used a Tuesday morning discussion call with a Kremlin to try to get some clarity. Alas, we failed. This is what Mr Peskov said: “I have zero to supplement to what’s already been said. we have zero to supplement and we don’t wish to try this subject.” No mistreat in trying.

The story of a Syrian conflict

Where pivotal countries stand

President Assad in profile

‘Life worse than death’ for civilians

“Together, we are looking for ways out of a many obligatory crises,” Mr Putin pronounced brazen of a meeting.

A US-led bloc has been targeting IS positions in Syria given Sep 2014 and does not prepare a raids with a authorities in Damascus.

“Even when there have been differences between us, we have been means to work effectively on specific issues,” Mr Kerry pronounced before a start of his talks with Mr Lavrov.

“The universe advantages when absolute nations can find common ground,” he added.

Mr Kerry has been comparing records with a Russians on a assembly in Riyadh final week that joined elements of a Syrian domestic and armed opposition.

Media captionJames Robbins looks as what is behind a US-led bloc opposite Islamic State

Russia took emanate with a outcome – a statement of principles to beam assent talks that says President Assad and his aides can play no partial in any transitory period.

Russia also sees some of those who participated as terrorists, and it wants all parties to determine on a militant blacklist before pierce further, a match says.


needed in aid


Syrians need assistance

  • 6.5m people internally replaced

  • 4 out of 5 families live in misery

  • 72% have no entrance to celebration H2O

  • 2m children out of propagandize

The BBC’s Barbara Plett-Usher, who is travelling with Mr Kerry, says he knows a Russians are indispensable since it is they who could pierce Mr Assad to a negotiating table.

On Islamic State, Mr Kerry pronounced Russia and a US concluded it was “a hazard to each country”.

Mr Lavrov pronounced a IS emanate was not singular to Syria, as a organisation was also active in Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen.

He also pronounced a assembly would cover a matter of Ukraine, with a continued multiplication between a Western-backed supervision in Kiev and a Russian-backed separatists in a east.

Mr Kerry said: “Nothing would greatfully us some-more than to solve a problem of Ukraine and pierce brazen on a mercantile front.”

Divisions over Assad’s future

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The United States, that supports a Syrian opposition, wants a negotiated allotment formed on a 2012 Geneva Communique, that calls for a arrangement of a transitory ruling body. It says President Bashar al-Assad contingency go.

Russia, that launched an atmosphere debate opposite Mr Assad’s opponents in September, also calls for a doing of a Geneva Communique. But it says Mr Assad’s destiny is for a Syrian people, and not outmost powers, to decide.

Most of Syria’s domestic and armed opposition factions now determine on a need for a managed transition, though they direct that a boss leave during a start of it.

Bashar al-Assad says assent talks can't start until “terrorism” is eliminated, and that his depart is out of a doubt before elections are held.

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