Untreated hearing-loss concern

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Around dual million people who need a conference assist do not even realize they have problems, a annual health consult for England suggests.

The news indicates scarcely a entertain of group and a sixth of women over a age of 55 who consider they hear good indeed have a conference loss.

And reduction than a third of all adults with a conference detriment use a conference aid.

The gift Action on Hearing Loss pronounced it took many people a decade to find help.

It is a initial time a annual health survey, conducted by NatCen Social Research, has compared people’s perceptions about their conference with a formula of tangible tests.

Dr Jennifer Mindell, from UCL and one of a authors of a territory on hearing, pronounced a commentary were worrying.

She told a BBC: “Whether people are in rejection or only unknowingly of what they can’t hear we don’t know.”

She pronounced about half of a people who had pronounced they had “great difficulty” conference still did not use a conference aid.

Dr Mindell said: “People consider it’s a normal partial of ageing, and some don’t wish a conference assist as they feel there’s a tarnish trustworthy in a approach that people don’t with glasses.”


Untreated conference detriment can lead to amicable ostracism due to a limiting outcome on conversation.

Dr Mindell pronounced it was a “cause for concern” and there was a couple between untreated conference detriment and bad mental health.

The news suggests:

  • At slightest 5.7 million adults – 13% of a English race – have some grade of conference loss
  • Hearing problems boost neatly with age, inspiring 83% of those over 85
  • It is some-more common in men, with 50% carrying some conference detriment over a age of 65 compared with 38% of women
  • Only a entertain of adults with during slightest assuage conference detriment had a conference exam in a past year

Gemma Twitchen, an audiologist with a gift Action on Hearing Loss, said: “Reluctance to acknowledge conference problems is distant some-more common than we competence consider – on normal it takes people 10 years to find assistance for conference loss.

“Early diagnosis is key, and conference aids are critical in ensuring people can continue to promulgate improved with friends and family.

“We would titillate anyone that is endangered about their conference to take the giveaway conference check.”

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