Unearthed Jersey Girl Press Junket Footage Shows Ben Affleck Behaving HORRIBLY With Interviewer — But She Says She’s NOT A Victim

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Ben Affleck‘s rational masquerade is about to come undone.

The philandering actor has been pulled into a fallout of Harvey Weinstein‘s passionate attack liaison amid a snowballing review about group in Hollywood abusing their power.

After being pressured to pronounce out on his collaborator’s purported abuse, Affleck wrote a Facebook post condemning Weinstein’s “unacceptable” function — though his matter backfired when Hilarie Burton reminded everybody about that time a actor groped her on TRL.

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The Oscar leader offering a soothing apology to a former VJ for behaving “inappropriate.” Now, some-more footage has flush display Affleck’s story of being inapt with women during interviews!

Take this unaired footage from a Jersey Girl press junket, that facilities a actor hugging and groping a contributor while he jokes about her physique odor, creates fun of her accent, and fundamentally dry humps her in front of a cameras.

Watch a shave of a talk (below):

Intense, right??

However, Anne-Marie Losique, a lady in a interview, has given come brazen and says a resurfaced shave is being taken out of context.

The Canadian TV celebrity pronounced a handsy talk was “for a camera” and contended she was “not during all a victim” to a Batman actor. She explained to The Hollywood Reporter:

“You have to know that we have finished dozens and dozens of interviews like that. It was for a uncover we was producing, so we was not during all a victim. When a cameras rolled, we would start to do that game. As shortly as it stopped rolling, there was nothing of that. He never overwhelmed me in any crude way. He was really respectful, we contingency say.”


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