UK pays ‘low price’ for cancer drugs

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The UK is profitable reduction for new cancer drugs than a series of other high-income countries, according to a news in The Lancet Oncology.

While a UK, Greece, Spain and Portugal compensate a least, on average, for a drugs they use, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland compensate a most.

The authors pronounced some-more clarity was indispensable since some countries risked overpaying for drugs.

The curative attention pronounced a UK was removing a satisfactory understanding on medicines.

Prices of cancer drugs have risen steeply in new years, fixation vital highlight on many medical systems, including a NHS.

The report pronounced drugs had accounted for scarcely a third of a EU’s 51 billion euro (£37bn) cancer medical spending in 2009.

And a researchers afterwards compared a 2013 cost of 31 cancer drugs in 18 high-income countries, including a UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden and Portugal.

Open pricing

Prices in Greece were a lowest for 14 out of a 24 cancer drugs accessible there.

The cost of drugs in a UK was also low.

Prices of drugs in Switzerland, Germany and Sweden were frequently a top – and for some drugs, such as interferon alfa 2b to provide leukaemia and skin cancer, were twice as high.

The cost total come from a Pharma Price Information use in Austria, that sum what manufacturers assign per section – a singular inscription or vial of a drug, for example.

But nonetheless a central list prices published in this news are openly available, any serve discounts – that are mostly negotiated by organisations in opposite countries – sojourn confidential.

Sabine Vogler, news author and researcher during a Austrian Public Health Institute, pronounced some countries risked overpaying for drugs as a result.

“The discounts should be open to everyone, though attention doesn’t wish to do it. However, it would concede some countries to see that they are overpaying.”

David Watson, executive of pricing and payment during a Association of a British Pharmaceutical Industry, pronounced a news was justification that newer medicines “are affordable in a UK”.

He pronounced a UK was “getting a satisfactory understanding with regards to medicines pricing” and a NHS was “getting good value for money”.