UK launches initial Syria atmosphere strikes

RAF Tornado withdrawal RAF Akrotiri on 3 DecemberImage copyright
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A Tornado withdrawal RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus following a House of Commons vote

RAF Tornado jets have carried out their initial atmosphere strikes opposite supposed Islamic State in Syria, a Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

The strikes came hours after MPs voted in foster of UK movement in Syria.

They corroborated a movement by 397 votes to 223 after a 10-hour discuss in a House of Commons.

Four Tornado jets took off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, shortly after a vote.

A Ministry of Defence orator pronounced a sorties had returned from a “first descent operation over Syria and have conducted strikes”.

Two of a 4 Tornados arrived behind in Cyprus only over 3 hours after they left a base, alighting shortly before 03:00 GMT.

BBC counterclaim match Jonathan Beale pronounced a span of Tornados had left RAF Akrotiri with 3 500lb Paveway bombs any and returned to bottom though those weapons.

The Ministry of Defence is approaching to give sum of their targets after on Thursday, he added.

The RAF was already carrying out operations opposite IS in Iraq.

Following a vote, Prime Minister David Cameron pronounced MPs had “taken a right preference to keep a nation safe” though opponents pronounced a pierce was a mistake.

A sum of 66 Labour MPs sided with a supervision as Mr Cameron cumulative a incomparable than approaching Commons majority.

Welcoming a Commons result, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond pronounced Britain was “safer since of a actions taken by MPs today”.

He added: “Military strikes alone won’t assistance Syria, won’t keep us protected from Daesh. But this multi-strand proceed will.”