Uday Chopra: India should legalize marijuana

Uday ChopraUday Chopra Uday Chopra pronounced he does not use pot though finds legalising it a “wise move”.

Actor Uday Chopra says India should legalize pot as it can be be a outrageous income source and has medical benefits.

“I feel India should legalize marijuana. Firstly, It’s partial of a culture. Secondly, we consider if ratified and taxed it can be a outrageous income source. Not to discuss it will mislay a rapist component compared with it. Plus and many importantly it has a lot of medical benefits!” he tweeted on Thursday.

Uday, who is a son of late maestro filmmaker Yash Chopra, pronounced he does not use it though finds legalising it a “wise move”.

“And no we do not use it. we only unequivocally consider it is a correct move, given a story with a plant,” he added.

The 45-year-old actor done his behaving entrance in 2000 in a Shah Rukh Khan starrer Mohabbatein and was after seen in films like Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, Mujhse Dosti Karoge!, Dhoom, Neal ‘n’ Nikki and Pyaar Impossible.

Uday was final seen on a china shade in 2013 as Ali in a third installment of a “Dhoom” franchise”.

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