U.S. State Department Congratulates Iranian Oscar Winner — Then Is Forced To Delete The Tweet!

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Everything that isn’t “Hail Trump” is “over-rated” or “fake news” — and we wish to tell us Donald Trump isn’t perplexing to be a dictator??

The latest instance of a POTUS with a mostest ego formulating zero though enemies came as a outcome of a Oscars.

While a Complainer-In-Chief has stayed surprisingly wordless on Twitter about a jab-filled ceremony, it seems his self-centered, anti-First Amendment change has extended over a rest of a government’s amicable media.

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The Persian-language Twitter comment for a U.S. State Department tweeted a totally soft congratulations to a people of Iran and executive Asghar Farhadi when The Salesman won Best Foreign Language Film, usually a country’s second time ever winning a award.

But afterwards a comment was forced to undo a good will:

After several people beheld a twitter was taken down, a mouthpiece for a State Department confirmed a deletion was since of a acceptance speech, saying:

“A congratulatory twitter was posted. We after private a post to equivocate any misperception that a USG [US government] permitted a comments done in a acceptance speech.”

What were those awful comments they didn’t wish to be compared with?

Farhadi himself did not attend in criticism of a Muslim anathema though did send a prepared matter job a anathema “inhumane” and said:

“Dividing a universe into a ‘us’ and ‘our enemies’ categories creates fear, a treacherous justification for charge and war.”

Yes. Because because would we wish to be compared with a matter embracing assent and disapproval hatred?

[Image around ABC News.]

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