U.K.’s Channel 4 Invests in Virtual Reality Startup

The British TV network has teamed with a conduct of prolongation ensign Studio Lambert and The Economist media organisation to deposit in new startup Parable.

British TV network Channel 4 has taken a minority seductiveness in new U.K. practical existence startup Parable, that will emanate VR and 360° calm opposite a entertainment, code selling and training sectors.

Parable was co-founded by David Wise, former executive of programs during The Garden Productions, and Nicholas Minter-Green, former boss of Economist Films. 

Channel 4 is assimilated as launch investors by Stephen Lambert, arch executive of TV prolongation ensign Studio Lambert, who has been allocated authority of Parable, and a tellurian media association The Economist Group. The Economist emissary editor and tech consultant Tom Standage joins a house as a non-executive director.

Alongside Wise and Minter-Green on a Parable care group is Jonathan Rudd, an award-winning radio executive and film editor who joins as partner and artistic director. Rudd has over 150 promote credits opposite his 25-year career, from renouned significant party array and full-length play documentaries including Stockwell (ITV) and The Great British Blackout (National Geographic).

Parable has already finished dual 360° documentaries for The Economist with Blancpain, and is in modernized conversations with several vital broadcasters and an array of determined onscreen talent per arriving projects for this year.

“We’ve been examination a VR and AR markets with seductiveness as they pierce divided from their Silicon Valley roots and increasingly attract a courtesy of media owners and brands,” pronounced David Abraham, arch executive during Channel 4. “Parable are storytellers initial and inaugural and benefaction a good event for a Indie Growth Fund to work with a gifted group with a confidant aspiration to mangle into this sparkling new sector.”

Added Lambert: “Virtual existence is a many sparkling technological media growth of a subsequent few years, though the success hangs or falls on formulating good content. we know David and Nicky good and we have no doubt they will fast settle themselves as a heading tellurian retailer of enchanting innovative VR content, that is because I’m gay to be concerned in this new business as the non-exec chairman.”