Tyga Insults Kylie Jenner’s Snapchatting After She Compares Him To Drake

Those are some vicious fighting words, we two! Tyga and Kylie Jenner cunning be experiencing a bit of a serious patch. In fact, HollywoodLife has scholastic EXCLUSIVELY that she compared him to Drake while he totally dissed her snapchat skills!

Do we clarity some problem in paradise? Kylie Jenner, 18, and Tyga, 25, have been boasting their love-fest for months now, however, a obvious honeymoon portion cunning be coupler up. A source has EXCLUSIVELY dished to us about new fights that a twin has been having, and both parties are conflict a other where it hurts. Kylie is insulting Tyga’s career, comparing him to Drake, while Tyga is dissing Kylie’s Snapchat skills– yes, Kylie “Queen of Snapchat” Jenner. We’ve got all a deets!

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The beef between Tyga and Kylie is all stemming from Kylie’s craving for her masculine to step adult his career. “She’s not berating him to do so, she’s simply lively him,” a source told us EXCLUSIVELY. “She asked him once, ‘Don’t we wish to be in a bar and discussion a fans rap one of your songs like they do Drake?’”

Predictably, Tyga did not enjoy that inauspicious comparison one bit. “He got greatly angry and heated,” total a source. “He said, ‘Bae, how dauntless we examination me to that meathead, Drake. That’s f–ked up. You don’t know 0 about rap.’” And then, Tyga quiescent to make things genuine personal. ” [Rap has] many some-more ability endangered that sitting around Snapchatting all day.”

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We told we guys: personal. Perhaps suggestive how many her disproportion had mistreat him, though, Kylie remained levelheaded following his comments. “Kylie didn’t take offense to it,” conspicuous a source. “All she conspicuous was, ‘you’re right’ and ‘I was usually confusing to motivate you.’”

What do we guys cruise of Kylie and Tyga’s arguments? Which of them do we think had a nastier insult?

— Casey Mink