Two Teen Boys Tried To Kill A Girl Because They Were ‘Tired’ Of Her Snapchat Messages

Teens try to kill a lady over Snapchat messages.

This is positively crazy!

Two 16-year-old boys allegedly attempted to kill a 14-year-old lady since one of them was “tired” of her Snapchat messages.

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According to reports performed by People, a teenagers allegedly lured Deserae Turner (above) into a waterway bed in Smithfield, Utah underneath a disguise of offered her a knife, when one of them shot her in a head. The teenagers afterwards proceeded to take $55 from her wallet and leave her for dead.


They are charged with one count any of first-degree transgression attempted aggravated murder and aggravated spoliation and 4 depends any of second-degree transgression interference justice.

The teen indicted of sharpened Deserae in a conduct seemed in justice Tuesday, while his confederate done his possess justice coming Wednesday.

Cache County Sheriff Deputy Brian Groves testified that a purported shooter had told his crony he “got tired” of all a messages and texts Deserae was promulgation him, to that his crony replied, “It would be flattering easier to get absolved of her.” WTF! That is straight-up evil!

Apparently this wasn’t a teens’ initial try during perplexing to kill Deserae, as they also had an initial devise to cut her throat on an progressing occasion.

Deserae is now in a sanatorium and her relatives contend she is recovering. They have set adult a GoFundMe page for her.

Our thoughts are with her! May she make a full recovery!

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