Two Children Found Dead In California Storage Locker — With Another In Critical Condition

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This is so terrible.

Police in Redding, California were questioning a heartless violence of a 9-year-old lady when justification led them to a many offensive find imaginable.

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In a internal storage locker were a passed bodies of a child’s dual sisters, ages 3 and 5.


Related to a case, military have arrested Tami Joy Hunstman, 39, and Gonzalo Curiel, 17, and charged both with child abuse, torture, and mayhem.

Both are now being hold on $1 million bail, with a probability that they could be confronting murder charges.

Police pronounced that Huntsman is associated to a 3 victims, though refused to hold how.

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The nine-year-old lady stays in vicious condition after undergoing medicine to correct mixed fractured skeleton and other vicious injuries over a weekend.

May a full weight of justice be felt by both Huntsman and Curiel.

[Image around Plumas County Sheriff’s Office.]

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