Twitter trials 280-character twitter limit

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Social media site Twitter is trialling longer impression boundary to assistance users “easily demonstrate themselves”.

Twitter now boundary tweets to 140 characters, though has doubled that to 280 characters for a tiny organisation of users.

The stream impression extent was “a vital means of frustration” for some users, a organisation pronounced in a blog post.

The organisation has been pang from negligence expansion and a change could be one approach for a organisation to dilate a interest and attract new users.

“Trying to squeeze your thoughts into a Tweet – we’ve all been there, and it’s a pain,” Twitter product manager Aliza Rosen wrote.

Ms Rosen pronounced a longer impression extent was being tested in all languages bar Japanese, Chinese and Korean that she pronounced could communicate some-more information in a singular character.

“We know given many of we have been Tweeting for years, there competence be an romantic connection to 140 characters – we felt it, too.

“But we attempted this, saw a energy of what it will do, and fell in adore with this new, still brief, constraint,” she said.

Analysis, Dave Lee, BBC North America record reporter

With consistent concerns over hatred speech, promotion bots, and trolling – we competence consternation because Twitter is spending a time worrying about doubling a impression limit.

Me too, if I’m honest.

But whatever – Jack Dorsey is right to indicate out that a 140 extent was usually ever a technical reduction overdue to a boundary of content messages, something a use hasn’t had to worry about for a prolonged time.

So because not make it a tiny longer?

It won’t be a thespian change.

Twitter will wish it increases a rendezvous and courtesy times of a users.

Marketers will have some-more characters with that to get their summary across, that competence make Twitter a bit some-more cash.


Twitter’s owner Jack Dorsey was one of a initial to try a new extent out, observant it was “a tiny change, though a large pierce for us”.

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But not all users were convinced. Writer Sarah Kendzior pronounced it was too long.

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And The Times publisher Sathnam Sanghera forked out that US President Donald Trump, famed for his inclusive tweeting, could get some-more characters.

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But Twitter pronounced a change could meant people twitter some-more frequently.

“When people don’t have to squeeze their thoughts into 140 characters and indeed have some to spare, we see some-more people tweeting,” Ms Rosen said.