Twitter Is Raging At Donald Trump Over His Pronunciation Of Puerto Rico!

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This POTUS is such a puta. (#PutaPOTUS)

Twitter is on glow right now after what Donald Trump has finished to Puerto Rico. And by that we meant what he’s finished to “Puerto Rico.” The difference themselves.

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What’s a problem?

Well, it might not sound awful to contend Trump used an generally conspicuous Spanish accent to contend a name — until we indeed hear what we’re articulate about:


That is in no approach an try to honour another people or their language. That’s hoax from a class-bully-in-chief.

It doesn’t assistance that this is in a context of a President loitering assist for whirly victims and revelation him they threw his bill “out of whack” — shortly after doing excellent with whirly service on a mainland.

Video: San Juan Mayor Slams ‘Miscommunicator-In-Chief’ After ‘Insulting’ Visit To Puerto Rico

The news also pennyless currently that FEMA had removed from a website a statistics that usually 50% of Puerto Rico residents had beverage H2O and only 5% had electricity. Not altered to a reported slight increases of 54% and 9.2% — only deleted so people couldn’t see it.

Trump does know that’s not how things get fixed, right?

See all a exhilarated responses to Trump’s diagnosis of Puerto Rico and “Puerto Rico” (below):

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