TV Ratings: Disney Channel Finally Snaps Nickelodeon’s Viewership Streak

More good news for a House of Mouse. As if finishing a year off with record-shattering box bureau for Star Wars weren’t enough, a party giant’s flagship kids network has finally defeated Nickelodeon in sum viewers.

For a initial time in a 32-year history, Disney Channel is finale a year as a most-watched wire network for sum day viewers. That No. 1 status, with an normal 1.234 million viewers, puts it forward of Nickelodeon for a initial time ever.

Nickelodeon, with a normal 1.186 million viewers, had been a widespread network in sum day sum viewers for decades.

The essay has been on a wall for some time. The span have been in an increasingly exhilarated conflict given 2011, when a Viacom-owned network’s ratings declines initial started.

Helping Disney Channel win a sum assembly prize was a gains among tweens. The net strike a largest domain of feat each among 9- to 14-year-olds, besting Nickelodeon by a large 92 percent.

In a Wednesday recover touting a victory, Disney Channel again trumpeted a outrageous numbers for Jul telepic Descendants. It ranks as a No. 1 wire TV film of a year with 12.2 million viewers.