Turkey: Russia’s IS oil claims ‘slander’

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At a lecture Russia presented what it pronounced was justification of Turkish impasse in a IS oil trade

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has discharged Russian claims he is benefiting from a oil trade with a Islamic State organisation as “slander”.

Russia has pronounced Turkey is a biggest customer of oil smuggled from IS-held territory, accusing Mr Erdogan and his family of approach involvement.

But a Turkish boss pronounced he would renounce if such allegations were proved.

Russia and Turkey are sealed in an indignant squabble over a downing of a Russian warrior jet by Ankara.

Responding to a allegations, Mr Erdogan pronounced “no one has a right to rivet in slander opposite Turkey by observant that Turkey is shopping oil from Daesh [IS]”.

But he combined he did not wish to see family with Russia wear further.

Earlier, Russia’s counterclaim method displayed satellite images it pronounced showed columns of trucks installed with oil channel from IS domain in Iraq and Syria into Turkey.

“According to accessible information, a top turn of a domestic care of a country, President Erdogan and his family, are concerned in this rapist business,” Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov told a lecture in Moscow.

Russia pronounced it was producing customarily “part of a evidence” for now and did not yield approach explanation of their explain that Mr Erdogan and family were involved.

The US has also deserted a allegations. “We only don’t trust that to be loyal in any way, figure or form,” a State Department orator said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already indicted Ankara of downing a craft on a Syrian limit to strengthen oil supply lines.

War of difference continues – Steve Rosenberg, BBC News, Moscow

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Russian images supposed to uncover a supply sequence between Syria and Turkey

The Russian counterclaim method does not customarily entice unfamiliar reporters to a media briefings on Syria. But on Wednesday it done an exception.

It had a summary it wanted a whole universe to hear: that a faces of Turkey’s leaders, including President Erdogan, were “smeared with stolen oil”.

Invited reporters and troops attaches were shown satellite images and grainy video footage, purporting to uncover tanker trucks with oil channel from IS-held domain into Turkey.

But, from what we could tell, no justification was presented to implicate a Turkish president. He has indicted Russia of slander.

After a sharpened down of a Russian bomber by Turkey final week, a fight of difference continues between Moscow and Ankara.

Listening to a troops officials during this briefing, we could hear a annoy in their voices. Their clever denunciation reflects their president’s self-assurance that Turkey has “stabbed Russia in a back”.

Turkey pronounced a Russian SU-24 warrior craft intruded into a airspace and abandoned steady warnings to leave.

Russia and Turkey have important mercantile ties, and in a arise of a occurrence Moscow imposed visa mandate for Turkish visitors, and placed restrictions on trade with Ankara.

Media captionWho is shopping oil from Islamic State?

Mr Erdogan on Wednesday called Russia’s response “disproportional” and pronounced Turkey would take their “own measures” if they continued, but naming what they would be.

Despite a tensions Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has pronounced he is prepared to accommodate Turkish reflection Mevlut Cavusoglu during a confidence discussion in Serbia this week.

It would be a initial time a group have met given a downing of a jet.