Turkey ire during rocket-wielding Russian

Russia's Caesar Kunikov alighting ship,Image copyright

Image caption

The Caesar Kunikov alighting ship, seen nearby Istanbul, where a Russian was seen holding a missile

Turkey has voiced snub during images display a Russian serviceman apparently holding a rocket launcher as his boat upheld by Turkish waters.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called a occurrence a “provocation”.

The images, published in Turkish media, uncover a Russian resting a launcher on his shoulder while on deck.

Russia-Turkey family have run-down badly given Ankara shot down a Russian warrior jet it pronounced had disregarded a airspace.

A Russian commander was killed, sparking indignant accusations and mercantile sanctions from a Kremlin.

The cinema showed a Russian serviceman on house a Caesar Kunikov as it upheld by a Bosphorus strait.

“The display off of a barb by a infantryman on a Russian warship, or other things such as anti-aircraft weapons, is pristine provocation,” pronounced Mr Cavusoglu, Hurriyet Daily News reported.

Under a covenant dating from World War One, Turkey contingency let all ships to pass by a strait, that runs by Istanbul.

For Russia it is a usually thoroughfare a Black Sea swift can use to entrance a Mediterranean and a rest of a world’s oceans.