Trump Supporters Think Obama Was Golfing During Hurricane Katrina — When He Wasn’t Even The President Then!

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This is what happens when we scream about tangible news being feign while swelling “alternative facts.” Your supporters turn idiots.

Supporters took to Twitter this week to regard Donald Trump‘s response to Hurricane Harvey — we know, a one where he exploited a tragedy for domestic gain and only dual weeks formerly rescinded an executive sequence to urge inundate protections.

Sorry, did we contend praise Trump? We meant lift him adult by ripping down Barack Obama, obviously.

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The Twittersphere was filled with people articulate about how Obama hadn’t been scarcely as good a boss during Hurricane Katrina since he was too bustling golfing.

Of course, Obama wasn’t a good boss during Katrina. BECAUSE HE WASN’T PRESIDENT DURING KATRINA!

Obama didn’t take bureau until 2009, scarcely 3 and a half years after a Hurricane strike a Gulf Coast. But that didn’t stop a march of stupidity (see below):

Right. The indicate still stands. Even yet each aspect of it was factually inaccurate. Why are y’all being haters?

Are there unequivocally THAT many totally ignorant American voters?? Maybe. But some analysts trust many of these Twitter users are indeed bots — feign accounts to send a same summary en masse. This kind of commenting is a some-more pervasive form of swelling propaganda; while a summary can be simply disproven, distinct a singular website it can’t be simply policed.

This kind of feign news swelling is believed to have somewhat shabby a election, so as absurd as this story is, it’s no joke.

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Whether Trump supporters are delusional or illusory, we have a genuine problem here.

Oh, and BTW — Obama, an Illinois Senator during a time, wasn’t golfing either. In fact, he took time to revisit with Katrina evacuees in Houston.

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