Trump shuts down news of vital outing amid controversy

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump on Tuesday denied an Associated Press news that he designed to revisit a majority-Muslim dominion of Jordan during a finish of December.

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The AP news and Trump’s rejection came one day after his argumentative offer to temporarily anathema all Muslims from entering a United States to strengthen a republic from Islamic terrorism.

Trump tweeted Tuesday, “Despite my good honour for King Abdullah II, we will not be visiting Jordan during this time. This is in response to a fake @AP report.”

Trump has pronounced he skeleton to revisit Israel. A U.S. official, vocalization on condition of anonymity, had told a AP that a U.S. supervision was creation preparations for Trump to also revisit Jordan during a campaign’s request. The central was not certified to publicly plead a preparations due to confidence concerns. Trump has Secret Service insurance for his safety.

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Trump was widely criticized over his offer this week to forestall all Muslims from visiting a U.S., nonetheless he simplified his thought Tuesday to contend that he would concede unfamiliar Muslim leaders to visit.

See Trump on Saturday Night Live:

Jordan is among a United States’ staunchest allies in a Persian Gulf segment and a troops has frequently flown bombing missions opposite a Islamic State group.

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Trump’s Republican rival, Ben Carson, visited dual camps for Syrian refugees in a Jordanian dried dual weeks ago with no media coverage. Carson following praised Jordan for a munificence toward a refugees though pronounced nothing should be brought to a United States.

Associated Press writers Alicia Caldwell and Jill Colvin contributed to this story.

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