Trump Says Opponents Played a "Race Card" during a Oscars

“It only seems like a other side, whenever they’re losing badly, they always lift out a competition card. I’ve watched it for years.”

In an talk with Fox Friends, President Donald Trump doubled down on his position opposite this year’s Oscars telecast. 

During a sit-down during a White House, that will atmosphere in full on Tuesday, Trump pronounced that celebrities during a Oscars, including horde Jimmy Kimmel, had to lift out “the competition card” since a uncover was “losing badly.” 

“It only seems like a other side, whenever they’re losing badly, they always lift out a competition card,” a boss pronounced during a interview. “I’ve watched it for years. we watched it opposite Ronald Reagan, I’ve watched it opposite so many other people. And they always like pulling out a competition card.”

Trump has been a renouned subject this awards season, and was brought adult several times during a Oscars promote on Sunday night, with horde Kimmel even tweeting during him during a show: “Hey, u up?”

“I wish to contend appreciate we to President Trump,” Kimmel pronounced during his monologue. “Remember final year when it seemed like a Oscars were racist? That’s gone, interjection to him.”

Kimmel pronounced later, “This promote is being watched by millions of Americans and — around a universe — 225 countries that now hatred us, and we consider that is an extraordinary thing.”

Trump also explained his designed deficiency during this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April, that he tweeted Saturday that he will skip. 

He pronounced that he motionless not to attend since “over a years we make a mistake we entirely know when they strike you,” though “a lot of a stories are done up. we trust a lot of a stories are pristine fiction.”

“I only suspicion it would be improved if we didn’t do a dinner,” pronounced a president, adding that he might confirm to go subsequent year. 

Trump also explained during a talk his skeleton for Tuesday’s residence to Congress, observant that he’ll be articulate about a troops and a border, as good as a “really terrific” medical plan. 

“And remember, on a limit and via a country, we’re removing a bad ones out, a bad people. Gang members, drug lords, in some cases murderers,” he said.